Top best sites to earn real money by playing games online

Best sites to earn money from online gaming

There are a lot of ways to make a living these days and you can actually earn money doing online business and online gaming is not left out. You can actually start earning real money by simply playing games online.

Catching fun and achieving great pleasure is not the only thing you can get from gaming, you can actually start getting cool cash from games. So gamers what do you think?
If you really want to start making cool cash from games this year 2022, you might want to read this article to the end, so take your time to read carefully and start today.
So today, we will give you sites to start your online gaming business and earn real currency to complement the fun you always had this year 2022.

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Computer or smartphone device
Paypal or Payoneer account
Favourable internet connection.

Top 10 free sites to earn money by playing game 2022

1. SwagBucks

This is one of the cool top paid game sites to earn cash while playing online games and you can get your money easily. You may also need to help promote the platform after sign up by simply accomplishing daily tasks and you can also get additional reward for it.

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2. Bingo Mania

You get paid quickly and you don’t have to play tough games to before you earn from this paid game. You will have to create Paypal or Payoneer account to get your money after doing your thing.
Bingomania has a nice interface and playing games on this platform is highly profitable.


3. Slingo

This is a popular gaming platform and it a game explored all over the world. According to survey, India users have rated this gaming platform as one of the best playing platform over the years. They are also known for their timely playing. Slingo is available on both website and device application. You will also need a PayPal or Payoneer for your withdrawal.

4. Point Club

Point Club is another place to earn while playing and you will not only be allowed to play games, you will also have access to participate. You must be 15 years or above to be able to participate and you get free $5 for sign up, so hurry and sign up now.

5. Paid Game Player

This is another platform where you get paid by accomplishing simple gaming tasks, the games can be played live on their website and you can also access their games through their mobile app. You will have access to play with and against other players online worldwide. The games include online casino, puzzle games, arcade games and other interesting games.

6. Cash Dazzle

You can also enjoy your time playing games on Cash dazzle and earn real money as you play. Here you earn a reward called Token, this token can then be transformed and withdrawn as real money in your preferred currency. You will also be permitted to enjoy free wheel spin, and who knows you can earn great prizes if you are lucky from this paid game.

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7. Clip 2 Play

Most games on this platform are flash format and the winner gets the reward. Apart from playing, you also get bonus earning by simply referring friends and you get 10 points per friend you refer. Cool, isn’t it?

8. Gamesville

Gamesville is no doubt one of the top best gaming platform to earn real money. All that is required is to simply sign in and start playing. You get your reward and it is as simple as that. You can also engage inside competitions to increase your earning.

9. Inbox Dollars

You can earn as much as $20 within a few hours depending on how good you are. If you don’t like a game you can simply select another game and start playing. So make sure you win every game to accumulate more cash while you catch the fun.


10. Pogo

There is so much similarity between this platform and Swagbucks where you will have to view some ads for 5 days after signing up. However, this increases your chance to earn additional money and have access to more games. $10,000 awaits you in this platform, so sign up to know how you can get $10,000 just like that (I will keep that a secret).

All the sites above are the top best sites we can gather at the moment so sign up and earn real money with ease today. Don’t just sit down and play useless games this 2022 you can actually become rich by playing the right game on the right platform. Pick any of the above free site, sign up and start playing today.
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