How to download music from Audiomack to phone storage

Download and transfer Song from Audiomack to devide

How to easily Download Music from Audiomack to your Phone To download music from some website or blog can be frustrating sometimes since most of the sites contain pop up annoying ads. Some sites even deceive you into performing tasks and will not even offer you the music or sound they promise you. However, Audiomack … Read more

How to download Youtube video as Audio mp3

Download YouTube video as Audio

How to download Audio files from Youtube videos It is no longer news that Youtube does not allow the download of media files to your device storage. However, Youtube has a lot of useful resources ranging from Videos to Audio files that you might want to reference later or even share with a friend. You … Read more

How to upgrade your PC to Windows 11 for free

Upgrade to windows 11

Upgrade your Windows computer to Windows 11 for free Almost every PC user now knows that Windows 11 is out but most people don’t have an idea or sure of when they can upgrade their current windows version to Windows 11 for free. If you purchase a new computer that was probably manufactured recently, you … Read more

How to deal with Adware | Things to note

How to deal with adware

Everything You Need to Know About Dealing with Adware Adware is a software developed to generate advertising material automatically when you surf the web. Adware may not be as malicious as the likes of Trojan Horses, worms, or viruses. Nevertheless, they can be invasive. The software can collect information about your online activity and use … Read more