(Fix) Vidmate video not playing in other Video players

Player doesn’t support this video format Vidmate (solved)

Just recently, we started seeing “Player doesn’t support this video format” error when we download videos via Vidmate. This error usually pops up when you try to play a downloaded video you got from Vidmate.
We are going to fix this error in this article you read along.
Vidmate has saved people a lot of stress by downloading video in Youtube, Games and apps and other videos.

Player doesn't support this video format Vidmate

In most cases, the error will come with a recommendation that you should download PLAYit video player in order to play the video. However, most of us already have Video players we prefer on our device such as MX player, VLC, KM player and other players across various device such as Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows PC, MacBook and other devices.
So if you are a fan of MX player or VLC and you just downloaded a video from Vidmate and you are getting this error “Player doesn’t support this video format” then this article is for you especially if are looking for a permanent fix and if you want to also play the video across other players.

Why am I seeing the error “Player doesn’t support this video format”?

This is a question people asks every day about Vidmate problems but fixing it is not as hard it may seems.

We also received similar questions such as:
why downloaded videos by vidmate can only be played using PLAYit?
How do I play vidmate videos in MX player?
Why is vidmate video not playing on pc?
How do I fix Vidmate video not playing in other Video player?

We have also received a lot of similar questions like that so we felt it would be great if we could share an article that would address this issue and here we are.

Now to answer the question, (although this is just a guess and this is not a confirmed statement).
We think Vidmate is a great app from genius developer and since a lot of people are using it, they tried to develop an app that will best play their video thereby introducing this app to the public and at the same time promoting the video player which is PLAYit.
Again, we did not make any contact with Vidmate developers for the confirm reason and this is just a guess and we do not speak on behalf of Vidmate.

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However, you should know that PLAYit is also a great app and if you would like to download it, you can simply click here.
But like most people, they prefer MX player, VLC and other popular player and since they have those players they don’t really think they need any other player. And since most people like to share video with friends you would want to consider friends who do not have PLAYit on their device.
So with that said, we will teach you a trick that actually works on how to play Vidmate video in other video player and across all device using KM player, windows media player, VLC, KM player and other players.

How to fix Vidmate video not playing in other Video player

To fix Player doesn’t support this video format in Vidmate you need to understand that this article only helps you in subsequent downloads as the ones you download with the error cannot be fixed at this time.
So for your next download follow the below guide to avoid “Player doesn’t support this video format” error in MX player, VLC or other Media player.

The main target is to uninstall the updated version and install the old version as we have confirmed that users who use the newer versions are the ones who see this error. The new version automatically adds code to the downloaded video which prevents you from playing the video on another player.
Follow the below guide to solve the issue.

Guides to solve Player doesn’t support this video format

  1. Go to your Vidmate app and Uninstall it
  2. Visit this link to download the old version (v4.1807)
  3. Install the old Vidmate version you downloaded
  4. Exit to Home screen
  5. Launch Vidmate
  6. Click on Me just below the screen
  7. Then click Settings
  8. Click on others
  9. Toggle off Auto-update Vidmate

Now you can now download any video from Youtube and all other site without any error, you can also share your video as well and play across all Video player on your PC, Android or iOS device.

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