Download Mini Militia MOD apk v5.4.2 | Unlimited Hack 2024

Free download Mini Militia Multiplayer Game Hacked version

Playing games with friends is a very great thing, especially when you play shooting multiplayer game, time flies and you achieve great pleasure. Mini Militia is one of the greatest game of all time know for shooting which enables offline and online multiplayer feature for users.

However, today I bring to you the MOD version 5.4.2 of the Mini militia app this 2024, you get to download and play with cheats including unlimited guns, bullets, nitro, grenades and lots more. So, in this article, we will guide you through the entire process on how to download the game for free and the installation process as well. So sit back and relax as you game will soon be ready. Make sure you read the whole article, in order to get the key points of the installation processes.

Download Mini Militia MOD apk v5.4.2 | Unlimited Hack 2024 1

You should also know that the game has been updated and the game now looks different and we now have the hacked version 5.4.2, you should also note that we still have the previous version of Mini militia God which was fully hacked and you will find them in the download section.

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Features of MOD Mini Militia apk

The following under-listed features are all unlimited and infinite, you can use them for as long as you want, so get ready to start playing with zero restriction.
• Unlimited Ammo and weapon
Using this hacked cheat version you will have access to various bullets, guns, grenade such as the blast grenade, the poison grenade and the stunning grenade as well. Grab guns with no value to the number of bullets.
• Unlimited Jet pack ability
Fly to any length and go to any height without the fear of accidental suicide due to the exhaust of the jet pack or nitro. You can fly to any length, scare and cheat your friend with your rage and start your war today.

• Unlimited Health
Become an immortal, strong and fearsome soldier. Take shots and grenades without the fear of death. Become a god.

• Magic Bullet
Shoot your enemy with a single bullet and they die (this is optional if you want a fair game). Death is a sure thing for those who take your bullet. Rule the game with this feature in Mini Militia Doodle Army 2 today.

• Grenade everywhere
You can explore this game by also using the grenade and the poison cloud to finish off enemies by spreading it everywhere, however for those that do not like this feature you can simply disable it from the menu

• Auto-find Feature
With this feature, you don’t have to start looking for enemies, you get their location automatically. The red indication of the enemy’s where about shows always.

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• One shot, five die
Shot your weapon with a single click, 5 bullets comes out at once, get your game ruling and take over the no escape, outpost or the catacomb arena and take over.

• No obstruction with this mini-militia
Cheat your friends by walking through walls, and ice, and catch and finish your enemy with surprise. Stun your enemy with this feature today.

• Zoom 7X for all weapon
Find the enemy quickly with the full zoom like that of the sniper, find your enemy quickly, and diffuse their plans.

• New appearance
Get new clothes, and costumes, and change your look with various attires from the store. Surprise your friend with this feature today.

• Store hack
Get everything you want from the store with zero restriction, increase the number of grenades, length of magazines for weapons and all options.


App Information

App Name: Mini Militia
App type: Apk for Android
Download size: 40MB
App version: v5.4.2
Android OS support: v4.4+
Latest update: July 2024

How to download and Install Mini-Militia Unlimited apk

  • Download the Mini Militia MOD 5.4.2 apk here
  • You may also wish to download the previous version of the app from here or Mega MOD menu
  • After downloading the game, there are some things to put in place before you proceed with the installation.
  • Make sure you uninstall any of the game versions you currently have on your device.
  • Then, proceed to “settings” on your device, “Security”, “unknown source” and tick the box to enable unknown sources. But if you cannot locate this step you are definitely using Android version 8.0 or higher so you just skip this step.
  • Proceed with the normal installation process.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can then start your game.
  • Play the awesome game with friends both over the local wifi connection and online and enjoy the fun.
Do share with your friend by using the share buttons below, and enjoy the fun together. Do drop your question and feedback in the comment box below and if you are having troubles with the download, installation or gameplay, feel free to share the issue using the comment box as well and we will respond asap.
#Never give up……..Giving up is meant for cowards
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    1. Sorry about that.
      That was because we were doing an update on the article by the time you downloaded the app.
      You may now check again. We are through with the update.
      Sorry for the inconvinience

    1. Most players usually complain that the game has lost its fun since the all in one mod spoils the fun
      The more reason for the MOD menu idea that allows you to do the tweaking as per your preference.
      To simply activate the all in one you can simply activate all the MOD options. Check the video to see the illustration.
      Also, remember to subscribe to the channel as we will dropping another MOD version this week

  1. Wow I love this..God will bless the maker..thanks so much at least I won’t have to fear people that have unlocked dual now.

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