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Are you looking for a way to make money online? If yes, we have one right here for you. Scooper app is an app that rewards you upon download and reading of article with point which you can transform into your cash withdraw, airtime or even free data. Stop staying idle and start earning some cash today with scooper news application.

The scooper news app also known as eaglee news provides news on sports, political, entertainment, lifestyle and lots more.

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You get to earn from the app online by reading posts and with the use of your referral link you also get to earn more.


How Scooper news app works

When you read an article you are rewarded with 5 points, from the referral program you get 25 point on each friend you invite These can be converted and utilized to buy airtime or internet data for browsing and downloading.
The app interface is similar to that of Opera news, however opera campaign is over as they no longer reward readers.
The news is displayed according to your country and you can also read international news as well.
News from your favourite news companies, both international and local blogs, breaking news, stories and so on are popular on this app, you also get to watch videos of events such as video news, sport news and highlight, celebrity videos and lots more, So hurry up start reading and earn cool money while reading.
Also for novel lovers, this app provides tons of novels which you can read online, you can also read news and stories offline if you are short of data or you are on low budget

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How to download Scooper app

• Download Scooper app from here
• Launch the app, follow the on-screen instructions.
• And that is all it takes.
Here is another trick, you get 5 points for reading, you get 10 points for inviting someone, you also get 5 points when the person you refer use the referral code to register to confirm you as his or her referee so encourage those you refer to please enter your referral code so that you get additional points.
So what are you waiting for? Why would you not make some cool cash now, hurry and get started today.
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  1. I didn’t know about how to make money in scoper app but as i read i got idea about that. My question is there is any other way you can make money different from awards which you offer a reader?

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