Truth about Gramfree | Real or Scam?

GramFree Review, Scam or Legit?

Recently, we have seen sites paying people for performing tasks online and most of them have worked so far while some have wasted the time of users without paying a dime.
Here today you will learn about the new trending site called Gramfree. You will have to opportunity to know how this site operates and if it is worth your time and effort, so sit back as we will reveal if Gramfree is real or a scam.

Gramfree review

What is GramFree?

Gramfree is a website that rewards you with gram when you perform tasks on the site. You get some task on the platform which you have to complete in order to win grams. The sign up fee is free and you must earn over 500 gram before you can withdraw.
As claimed by the site, you can convert and withdraw your grams as local currency, but is this really true? Keep reading as you will learn in a bit.

To accumulate grams you have to do some of the following tasks

  • Referring friends into the program
  • Streaming videos
  • Purchasing grams with real money
  • Signing smart contracts
  • Entering daily lottery

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How does Gramfree earn?

Before you think of getting paid, you should think about where and how Gramfree gets their own money. Well if you must know, Gramfree get revenue from two places

  1. The money you deposit to buy grams
  2. The money they generate from the advertisements they display on their site
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Now that you know how they make money, the big question now is do they pay Gramfree users?

The truth about Gramfree is you will never get paid and this is because they have no motive to pay you. Of course, I will not tell you this without proof, so continue reading to learn more.

The below photo is a screenshot of Gramfree dashboard of a user

gramfree dashboard
Just by the left, you will see some options. Among these options are some of the way you can earn grams. Let’s do a quick tour and you will see how they trick you into doing these things without getting paid.

Smart Contracts
With this, you will have to sign contracts each day to earn. When you choose to take a contract, you will be given a time to come back to sign the contract. Each contract must be signed at when due and must be signed a couple of times before you are rewarded with grams.
In Gramfree, there are 2 contracts namely; Standard contract and Risky contract. You earn 0.05 grams after completing standard contract while you earn 1.0 grams for risky contract. Here is another trick, if you choose Risky contract you will loose 2 grams if you fail to sign a contract at a designated time.
Now you know why it is called risky contract.

They want to run this site like a cryptocurrency site at the same time as “a get paid to perform tasks” site.
The motive behind this platform is it tricks you into believing you can earn and you have a feeling like you have invested but don’t be deceived.
For proof, we will show you some reviews from people who have fall victims of this Gramfree later in this article.

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Playing games
Here all you do is to click on roll. All you do here is to keep rolling and you will earn free grams.

Gramfree lottery
This is another way of earning some gram and this is only available to perform every 7-24 hours. When you perform a lottery and you win you can earn within 1-5000gram.
But here is a fact, to win a lottery is like dreaming, you will always lose as this is usually rigged in favour of their site. However, to trick you into believing you can win they will allow you to win small grams from the lottery occasionally but you will never earn an encouraging gram.

Videos and Referrals
You also get free grams for watching videos and referring your friends to the platform.
Most of these videos are submitted by users like you and they get rewarded with grams when they share fake testimonies on youtube and you got deceived to also go into this type of deals. Most people got the awareness of this program through those youtube videos of people sharing fake testimonies just to trick people to join the train.
Apart from earning from making fake testimonies on youtube, you can also earn from watching videos on the site as well.
So you earn 5 grams submitted videos and 0.1 gram for watching videos.
Another way of accumulating grams is by referring friends and you will earn 10 grams for referring each person and you will only get rewarded when the person is active on the site and reach level 2.
We told you earlier that you need to accumulate more than 500 Grams before you can make a withdraw but you should now know how hard it is to make 500 Gram.

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With the deposit, you will deposit real money to buy grams and as promised by the site you can do a lot of things with the gram you buy. You can even trade it in the cryptocurrency world with the like of Bitcoin, Erherium etc.
However, you have to know that the minimum you can buy is $1000, so before you paying imagine yourself losing that amount to this platform.

Also note that Gramfree has 3 variable of site url of which all uses the same database, see them below


Is GramFree a legit site or a scam?

Now the big question is Gramfree scam or legit?
It is a complete scam and I wouldn’t advise you joining.

Now below is a proof and testimonies of very few users who have used this program and their experiences have not been a pleasant one, check it below;

Photo credit (TrustPilot)

gramfree testimony gramfree testimony2

So with the above, you can decide if you want to continue with Gramfree or not. If you gain a thing or two, do let us know in the comment section below. Also, let us know what you feel about this Gramfree site.

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  1. It was a horrible experience. Nobody gets paid and all testimonies are actors and actresses who have no time investment in the program and most of the videos are doctored and rehearsed by people who are desperate for making money doing nothing. The site is shenanigans and demagoguery. starting from free roles, signing contracts, inviting people, watching videos, playing lotteries, and placing testimonies. it is all designed to deceive people and waste people’s time. Never should never expect to get paid because it was not designed for fun not to pay anyone. You would not know until you get to 500 grams and expecting to be paid $1000. These sites should not be allowed to continue on this deception path supported by people with half baked English pitching videos, validity, and reliability of the program. Please go and get a life or invest your time on something more productive, Time is of the essence except if you like the entertainment.

  2. Shahrina malik pakistsnsays:

    Gramfree is totally fake and scam. My withdrawal is pending from 18.07.21. There is no link given for contact and also there is no page “about us”. Its mean there is no way to contact them. Its mean it is fraud website.

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