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Need For Speed Underground Rivals PPSSPP ISO file free download

Need For Speed Underground Rivals is one of the most popular racing games available for the PSP platform. With its intense street racing action, extensive customization options, and competitive multiplayer modes, it’s easy to see why this game has such a dedicated following even years after its initial release.

Download Need For Speed Underground Rivals PSP ISO | PPSSPP games 1

Need For Speed Underground Rivals remains one of the pinnacles of the classic NFS series and stands the test of time as a must-play racing game. With PPSSPP emulator, Android users can now enjoy this iconic PSP title right on their phones and tablets.

Download Need For Speed Underground Rivals PSP ISO | PPSSPP games 2

If you want to relive Underground Rivals on your Android device, you’re in luck – with the right emulator, you can now enjoy this classic PSP title on your phone or tablet. In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get NFS Underground Rivals running on your Android, including download links, installation steps, and tips for optimal performance. Let’s get ready to hit the streets!

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Features of Need For Speed Underground Rivals PSP Game

• An Exhilarating Street Racing Experience

Underground Rivals delivers an adrenaline-fueled street racing experience that really makes you feel like an illegal street racer pushing their customized car to the limit.

• Realistic Driving Physics and Control

The driving physics are designed to give you a kinetic sense of speed while still allowing for precise control as you drift around corners and maneuver in tight spaces. The vehicles handle like a real tuned sports car would.

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• Extensive Customization Options

You can customize the look and performance of your rides down to the smallest details – body kits, spoilers, rims, vinyls, neons, engine upgrades and much more. This lets you create a unique style for your car.

• Open World of Bayview City

The sprawling city of Bayview features over 100 miles of roads and highways to race on. You’ll need to learn the best routes to succeed.

• Aggressive AI Opponents

AI drivers will push you to your limit. They don’t play nice and will take risks to get past you. Beating them requires perfect driving.

• Drift Racing Events

Drift races require you to score points by pulling off long, controlled drifts around corners. These technical challenges test your car control skills.

• Drag Racing Events

Quick-fire drag races require fast reflexes on launch and rapid gear shifts. Leave fractions of a second too late and you’ll get left in the dust.

• Team Racing

Team up with a partner in Duels to cooperatively take down opponents. Work together to box them in or double-team them.

• Online Multiplayer

Take the competition online to race real opponents from around the world. Climb the leaderboards by winning multiplayer events.

With so many different race types and events, Underground Rivals offers something for every racing fan. The intense competition will keep you hooked for hours as you build the ultimate ride and show it off on the streets.


Device requirement

  • PSP console, Android version 5.1, PC or iOS device
  • PSP emulator
  • Zip extractor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 1.2GB free storage space

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Download Information

  • File Name: NFS Underground Rivals PSP
  • Download format: Rar file
  • Compressed download size: 208MB
  • Developer: EA Black box
  • Game Publisher: Electronic Arts

Follow how to install the game on PC here (ppsspp)


How to download and install Need For Speed Underground Rivals highly compressed ISO file

To download Need For Speed Underground Rivals PSP CSO file, follow our guide below;

  1. Download PSP emulator from here
  2. Then, click here to download NFS Underground Rivals PPSSPP iso file and save data here
  3. Download Zip extractor to unzip the CSO file
  4. Use Zip extractor downloaded from the above link to extract or unzip the ISO file
  5. After extracting the file, copy the ISO game file to your Memory card by following this path SDcard– PSP– Game. Paste the file into the Game folder.
  6. Install the emulator and launch it
  7. Once launched, hit the “find games” button
  8. Click on NFS Underground Rivals to start playing

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Importing Saves and Textures

To fully customize your Underground Rivals experience on Android, you may want to import saves and texture/car mods. Here’s how:

Importing Saves

  • Locate your save from playing on PPSSPP or PSP. It will be a .bin file.
  • Copy the save .bin file over to your PPSSPP save folder on Android. This is usually in the PPSSPP folder under internal device storage.
  • Load the game in PPSSPP. Go to Load State and your imported save will now show up. Select it to load.

Importing Textures/Cars

  • Get car and texture packs optimized for Underground Rivals. Extract them.
  • Copy the extracted texture files into the PPSSPP/textures folder on your device storage.
  • When you load the game, the new cars and textures will be available for use.

With imported saves, you can pickup right where you left off. And textures let you mod the game with killer custom cars. Now you can play Underground Rivals on Android just the way you want.

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The adrenaline-pumping street races, extensive tuning and customization, and competitive online multiplayer make Underground Rivals an absolute blast. Just be sure to get the optimized ISO file, configure PPSSPP properly for your device, and use these tips to get the best experience. With the convenience of mobile, you can now slip Underground Rivals in your pocket and take exhilarating street racing with you anywhere. Start your engines and dive into this classic today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Underground Rivals run well on all Android devices?

A: Performance can vary, but generally recent mid-range and flagship devices can run it at full speed. Tweaking graphics settings in PPSSPP can optimize it for your specific device.

Is there a way to use actual PSP controls?

A: Yes! You can connect a Bluetooth controller like the DualShock 3 which is modeled after the PSP layout. This gives an authentic feel.

Do I need to have played previous Need For Speed games to enjoy Underground Rivals?

A: No, Underground Rivals stands completely on its own. No knowledge of previous titles is required to dive right in.

Does the Android version support multiplayer racing?

A: Yes, PPSSPP offers Ad Hoc multiplayer support over Wi-Fi and online, so you can race against friends and rivals.

Can I edit or mod the game?

A: Absolutely. You can import car textures, customize controls, use cheat codes, and edit other aspects of the game.

Will I need to reconfigure settings each time I play?

A: No, PPSSPP will remember your control setup and graphics configs, so you can just launch and play.

Do I need a powerful Android device for good performance?

A: Not necessarily – many mid-range devices can handle it fine. Lower graphics settings as needed for smoother gameplay.

Are there any controller limitations I should know about?

A: Some controllers may have button mapping issues. You can remap controls in settings as needed.

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