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Ghost Rider PPSSPP ISO file free download

Looking for an exciting superhero game to play on your Android device, iOS or PC? Ghost Rider for the PSP is now available to download and play using PPSSPP emulator. Experience the thrills of transforming into the Spirit of Vengeance and unleashing hellfire justice. This guide will provide a Ghost Rider PSP ISO download and tips for getting the game running smoothly on your device.

Ghost rider PSP ISO

Ghost Rider is an action-adventure game based on the Marvel comic book antihero. It was developed by Climax Group and released for the PlayStation Portable in 2007.

Players take control of stunt motorcyclist Johnny Blaze, who has the power to transform into a skeletal being with a flaming skull known as the Ghost Rider. In the game, Johnny must use his hellfire powers to defeat evil forces led by Blackheart across different environments.

Download Ghost Rider PSP ISO | PPSSPP games 1

Before we go into how to download the game on your smartphone or PC, let us observe some of the features of Ghost Rider PSP game


Features of Ghost Rider PPSSPP game

• Adrenaline-Fueled Motorbike Action

Ride Johnny Blaze’s flaming motorcycle at insane speeds while performing exciting stunts and combat moves. Feel the throttle and momentum as you battle demons on the highway to hell.

• Hellfire Powers

Unleash the Ghost Rider’s demonic abilities like the Penance Stare and Hellfire Chain against enemies. The combat and progression system allows you to upgrade hellfire powers.

• Explore Urban, Desert & Cemetery Environments

Journey across varied environments from gritty city streets to forgotten graveyards. Each area is packed with atmosphere and dangers.

• Defeat Bosses Like Blackheart

Take on major villains from the Ghost Rider comics. Confront and defeat the demonic Blackheart in intense battles.

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• Unique Graphics & Visual Effects

The game features detailed character models and environments. Ghost Rider’s fiery skull, chain weapons, and blazing bike leave a visual impact.

• Collect Artifacts & Abilities

Find artifacts around the levels that unlock concept art and upgrades. New abilities like the Hellfire Tornado can also be earned by defeating enemies.

• Enjoy Story-Driven Single Player Campaign

The compelling storyline written by Marvel expands on Johnny Blaze’s background. Stop the evil forces threatening humanity across 14 levels.

By combining easy pick-up-and-play controls with fast-paced combat, destructible environments, and Metal soundtrack, Ghost Rider delivered an exciting handheld experience for PSP gamers.


Device requirement

  • PSP console, Android version 5.1, PC or iOS device
  • PSP emulator
  • Zip extractor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 1.5GB free storage space

As long as your Android phone meets these requirements, you should be able to play the Ghost Rider PSP game from start to finish with good performance. The visuals and overall experience are worth it for Marvel fans.


Download Information

  • File Name: Ghost Rider PSP
  • Download format: Rar file
  • Compressed download size: 700MB
  • Developer: Climax Group
  • Publisher: 2K Games

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How to download and install Ghost Rider ISO file on Android

  1. Download & Install PPSSPP emulator
  2. Download Ghost Rider ISO File
  3. Get your zip extractor from here
  4. Launch zip extractor, find and extract Ghost Rider
  5. After the extraction, move the ISO file to the Game folder by following follow path; Internal storage– PSP– Game
  6. After pasting the file, exit to the home screen
  7. Launch the emulator app
  8. Tap on the Find Games tab
  9. Locate and select Ghost Rider
  10. Tap on the game name to begin. Drag and map onscreen controls or connect a bluetooth controller for best experience.
  11. Enjoy the Game! – The Ghost Rider intro video and menu will now appear. Start a new campaign and have fun!

Remember to save your progress regularly in-game. The PPSSPP app also lets you tweak graphics, controls and performance as needed. With the ISO correctly imported, you are all set for an immersive Ghost Rider gaming time.

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Game Controls and Combat Guide

Mastering Ghost Rider’s superhuman abilities and initiatives in the game takes some practice. Here are some combat tips and tricks for playing the game smoothly:

  • Move using the left analog stick and control camera angles with the right stick. Use L1/R1 for dodging left/right.
  • Basic attacks are done using the Square button. String combos together for greater impact.
  • Use the Circle button to grab enemies and objects. It also activates switches in the environment.
  • Unleash Ghost Rider’s hellfire attacks with the Triangle button. More powerful abilities unlock over time.
  • The main special move is the Penance Stare (X button) which damages enemies with their own sins.
  • Hold down buttons to charge up stronger fiery attacks. But don’t get hit while charging.
  • Switch between regular and Ghost Rider mode using the Select button during combat.
  • Environmental objects like pipes, debris and barrels can be used as weapons against enemies.
  • Defeating enemies earns Essence points to upgrade abilities in the pause menu. Distribute them wisely.

Mastering combos while properly utilizing the Ghost Rider powers will help you demolish the plethora of enemies easily. And remember to have fun while unleashing destruction!


How to Import Save Data and Textures in PPSSPP

To enhance the Ghost Rider gaming experience on Android, you can import save data for unlocked missions and custom textures for improved graphics. Just follow these steps:

Transferring Save Data

  1. Locate your save data files for Ghost Rider PSP – They will have the .sav file extension.
  2. Connect phone to PC and copy the .sav files to the PPSSPP folder.
  3. In PPSSPP, load the game ISO. Go to Save States and Load the save file.
  4. The game will now load with your old save progress and levels unlocked.

Installing Custom Textures

  1. Download texture/graphics packs for Ghost Rider online. Extract them.
  2. Copy the texture files from the folder to PPSSPP/textures on phone.
  3. Enable custom textures in Graphics settings. Set Texture Scaling to 2-4x.
  4. The higher resolution textures will be loaded making graphics smoother.
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With transferred save data, you can directly play your favorite Ghost Rider levels. And sharper textures enhance the visual experience drastically compared to vanilla PSP graphics.



Ghost Rider for the PSP may be an older Marvel game, but it still delivers an exciting dose of hellfire combat and superhuman abilities. Thanks to PPSSPP emulator, Android gamers can now play this cult classic game easily with enhanced performance. Just download the ISO file, set up the controls to your liking, import saves optionally, and immerse yourself in Ghost Rider’s demonic quest for vengeance. The satisfying combat system and overall presentation still hold up well. Bring the spirit of vengeance anywhere by having Ghost Rider ready in your pocket.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ghost Rider PSP game available on Android?

Yes, Ghost Rider is playable on Android using the PPSSPP emulator and the PSP ISO file. It provides an authentic experience.

Does the game work properly on all Android devices?

Ghost Rider may lag or crash on low-end devices lacking processing power. Mid-range to flagship phones with Snapdragon 600+ chipsets are recommended.

How big is the Ghost Rider PSP ISO file size?

The file size is generally around or under 500MB. Modern devices have no issues running a file of this size.

Can I use cheats or trainers for Ghost Rider on PPSSPP?

Yes, you can enable cheats like infinite health, all powers unlocked etc. using PPSSPP’s built-in cheat functionality.

Will my progress be saved if I exit the game?

Your progress and state are saved automatically when you exit out of the game. Reloading will resume from your last checkpoint.

Does Ghost Rider PSP support multiplayer gameplay?

Unfortunately, there is no multiplayer or co-op functionality in the Ghost Rider game for PSP. Only single player.

How long does it take to complete Ghost Rider?

The average playtime is 6-8 hours depending on your skill level. Completing all missions and challenges takes longer.

Can I play Ghost Rider on PC or Mac?

Yes, you can run Ghost Rider on a computer using PPSSPP Windows or Mac versions available on the official website.

Does the game support controllers on mobile?

Bluetooth or wired controllers are fully supported. They provide better control than touchscreen buttons.

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