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LEGO Batman – The video game PPSSPP ISO file free download

LEGO Batman – The video game is an action-adventure video game developed by Traveller’s Tales and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld console. The game is based on the popular LEGO Batman toy line and allows players to control LEGO versions of Batman, Robin and other characters from the DC Comics universe.

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It was first released in 2008, LEGO Batman quickly became one of the top PSP games thanks to its fun LEGO-style gameplay, engaging story and multiplayer modes. If you want to relive this classic superhero adventure on your Android device, you can easily download and play the LEGO Batman PSP ISO file using a PSP emulator for Android.

Download LEGO Batman - The video game PSP ISO | PPSSPP games 2

In this guide, you’ll learn where to download the LEGO Batman ISO file and install on your PSP console as well as how to properly set up the PPSSPP emulator and import save data to enjoy the full experience on your Android, iOS, Windows and macOS PCs.



Features of LEGO Batman – The video game PPSSPP game

LEGO Batman on PSP offers a variety of great features that make it one of the system’s most beloved games. Here are some of the key highlights:

• Vast roster of playable DC characters

You can play as Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and many other fan-favorite superheroes and villains from the DC universe. The game features a roster of over 50 playable characters, each with their own unique abilities.

• Fun LEGO-style gameplay and puzzles

The game transports the LEGO Batman universe into brick-built Gotham City with environments full of destructible objects and puzzles. Smash items, build new gadgets and utilize each character’s skills to progress.

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• Engaging storyline with cutscenes

Experience an original storyline depicting Batman and Robin’s efforts to stop the Joker and other villains from taking over Gotham City. Cinematic cutscenes move the plot forward between gameplay sections.

• Co-op and versus multiplayer

Cooperatively play through story levels or face off in various versus challenges with a friend via local wireless multiplayer. Unlock characters and collect studs together.

• Free play unlocked after story completion

Finish the story campaign to unlock free play mode, allowing you to revisit levels and find secrets with any character. Locate hidden minikits and bricks to unlock extras.

• Character customizer and extra content

Customize your characters’ appearance and abilities using studs collected during gameplay. There are also secret levels, challenges and other content to discover.

• Impressive visuals and sounds

Despite being a handheld game, LEGO Batman provides impressive visuals, detailed environments and authentic voice acting from Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy.

• Pick up and play gameplay

Easy to pick up and play, LEGO Batman is a perfect PSP game for superhero fans and gamers of all ages. The accessible controls and gameplay make it fun for anyone.

• Optimized for quick on-the-go gaming sessions

With its simple gameplay and auto-save, LEGO Batman works great for quick on-the-go gaming sessions on PSP. Play in short bursts during commutes, breaks or whenever you have free time.

With its mix of combat, puzzles, unlockables and humor, LEGO Batman offers endless replay value that holds up remarkably well today. Reliving this classic on Android using PPSSPP is highly recommended.


Device requirement

  • PSP console, Android version 5.1, PC or iOS device
  • PSP emulator
  • Zip extractor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 1GB free storage space


Download Information

  • File Name: LEGO Batman – The video game PSP
  • Download format: Rar file
  • Compressed download size: 530MB
  • Developer: Maxis Traveller’s Tales
  • Publisher: Warner Bros

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How to download and install LEGO Batman – The video game ISO file on Android

  • Download the LEGO Batman – The video game PSP ISO ROM file
  • Get your PPSSPP emulator from here
  • Get your zip extractor from here
  • Launch zip extractor, find and extract LEGO Batman – The video game
  • After the extraction, move the ISO file to the Game folder by following follow path; Internal storage– PSP– Game
  • After pasting the file, exit to the home screen
  • Launch the emulator app
  • Tap on the Find Games tab
  • Locate and select LEGO Batman – The video game
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How to import Save data and texture packs in LEGO Batman

To fully relive your LEGO Batman journey from PSP, you can even import your original save data and unlockables using PPSSPP. Here’s how:

• Extract your PSP save data to a folder

On an actual PSP system, use CFW or a save data homebrew utility to extract your LEGO Batman save folder to your PC.

• Transfer the save folder to Android

Copy the extracted LEGO Batman save folder to your Android device’s internal/SD storage. Place it in the PPSSPP save folder location.

• Load the save data in PPSSPP

Boot up LEGO Batman in PPSSPP. Go to Load Save Data and select your save file to load it. Your progress and unlocks will carry over!

You can also find LEGO Batman texture packs online that improve the visuals when loaded in PPSSPP. Simply download a texture pack, move it to your Android device, and load it in PPSSPP’s Texture Scaling options.

With save data and improved graphics, playing the PSP classic LEGO Batman on your mobile is the ultimate way to revisit this great superhero adventure. The PPSSPP emulator really makes it feel like you’re playing on the original PSP hardware.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a safe LEGO Batman PSP ISO download?

Look for a ROM hosting site that offers verified dumps of PSP games. Always scan ISOs for malware before copying them to your device.

Does the LEGO Batman ISO work on all Android devices?

The game should work on any Android phone or tablet capable of running the PPSSPP emulator smoothly. Low-end devices may struggle with performance.

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How do I map touch screen controls in PPSSPP?

In PPSSPP’s settings you can map on-screen virtual buttons for gameplay controls. Position and customize the touch controls to your preference.

Can I use a PS3 controller with PPSSPP on Android and PC?

Yes, you can connect a wireless PS3 controller to your Android device via Bluetooth to play LEGO Batman with physical controls. PPSSPP supports gamepad mapping.

Is there multiplayer support in the Android port?

Unfortunately local wireless multiplayer isn’t supported yet when playing the ISO on Android via PPSSPP. But co-op play is still available in the main story.

Why does my LEGO Batman ISO crash or freeze sometimes?

Try adjusting graphics settings like frameskip or rendering resolution in PPSSPP. Some stability or performance issues can occur but are fixable with configuration.

How can I fix audio issues or missing sounds?

Go to Audio Settings in PPSSPP and try changing the audio latency or using a different audio backend like OpenSL ES to fix any missing or glitchy sounds.

What PSP firmware version does LEGO Batman need?

LEGO Batman requires firmware v2.00 or later on real PSP hardware. The PPSSPP emulator bypasses this requirement so you can play it on any Android firmware.

Can I play the game with a keyboard?

PPSSPP supports mapping keyboard keys as controls. You can connect a Bluetooth keyboard to your Android device to play LEGO Batman with physical keyboard controls.



From its huge cast of DC heroes and villains to its humorous LEGO-fied story, LEGO Batman was one of the PSP’s most fun and well-made games. Thanks to the magic of emulation, you can now enjoy this handheld classic right on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Downloading the LEGO Batman ISO file and setting up PPSSPP is easy and allows you to play the game with save data support. For the ultimate experience, you can import your original PSP save and use texture packs to improve the visuals. With PPSSPP’s customization options, you can optimize performance for your Android device’s hardware.

Experience Lego Batman’s engaging mix of brawling action and puzzles combined with a charming, brick-based presentation of the DC universe. Revisit Gotham City on the go by playing this classic PSP title on Android using PPSSPP. It’s a great way to unlock nostalgia and enjoy a genuinely fun superhero adventure anywhere you want.

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