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Coded Arms PSP ROM free download | Highly compressed

Looking for an intense 3D fighting game packed with cybernetic action? Coded Arms for the PSP is ready to deliver turbocharged battles in the palm of your hand. This sci-fi shooter is an exciting addition for any retro gamer’s mobile collection.

Coded Arms PSP ISO

Coded Arms provides fast-paced FPS gameplay centred around battling cybernetic enemies and rival mechs. The game features an arsenal of high-tech weapons, a variety of modes, and online multiplayer to battle friends. With stunning visuals and effects, Coded Arms made a big impact as one of the earliest FPS titles available on the PSP.

Download Coded Arms PSP ISO | PPSSPP games 1

The good news is you can now enjoy this PSP classic on Android by downloading the PPSSPP emulator and Coded Arms ISO file. This guide will cover everything you need to know, from features and gameplay to downloading and setting up the files on your device. Let’s jump in and get Coded Arms up and running for your Android!


Features of Coded Arms PPSSPP Game

• Single Player Campaign

Story-driven campaign mode across 5 episodes. Battle through levels set in virtual worlds and computer networks. Fight off increasingly difficult enemies and boss battles. Unlock new skills and abilities as you progress


• Multiplayer Modes

Ad-hoc wifi multiplayer lets you battle friends. Compete in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag. Support for up to 4 players in fierce face-offs. Ranking and tournament modes for competitive play

• Customizable Arsenal

Over 25 upgradable firearms to unlock. Weapons include assault rifles, energy guns, rocket launchers. Upgrade weapons with points earned during play. Customize control schemes for your optimal setup

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• Impressive 3D Visuals

Smooth 3D engine with detailed environments. Sci-fi inspired levels across computer networks. Realistic character models and animations. Chaotic effects during intense battles


• Additional Modes and Bonuses

Time Attack challenges to beat the clock. Survival mode against endless enemies. Hidden items and secrets to uncover. Photon browser to view extra content


• Intuitive Control Scheme

Customizable controls for comfortable play. Responsive aim and movement for fast action. Easy to pick up whether beginner or pro. Support for analog stick and D-pad control

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Device Requirements

  • 2GB ram
  • 2GB free storage space
  • Big screen device to for great view
  • PSP emulator
  • Zip extractor extract app to extract ISO file

The game performs best on higher end devices with stronger processors and graphics. Budget phones may experience lag during graphics-intensive scenes. For optimal performance, a Snapdragon 835, 845 or newer is recommended.

You’ll also need approximately 1.4GB of storage space for the PPSSPP app, Coded Arms ISO file, and save data. An SD card can help provide extra storage room if needed.


Download information

  • File name: Coded Arms
  • File type: ISO file
  • Download size: 105MB
  • Developer: Konami
  • Publisher: Konami


How to download and install Coded Arms ISO on Android device

  1. Download Coded Arms PSP ISO file
  2. Download android PPSSPP emulator
  3. Download Zip extractor
  4. Once you have downloaded the above files, use the zip extractor to extract the Coded Arms file you downloaded
  5. After extracting the file, move the ISO file to the Internal storage card using this path Internal storage– PSP– Game.
  6. Install and launch PSP emulator app
  7.  Click on find games
  8. Select Coded Arms
  9. You can then begin your game.
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How to Import Save Data and Texture Files

One of the great perks of playing Coded Arms through PPSSPP is the ability to share and import game saves and custom textures. This allows you to unlock content faster or customize the graphics for an enhanced experience.

Importing Save Data

To import a save file from another user:

  • Locate your PPSSPP save folder, usually found at sdcard/PPSSPP/PSP/SAVE
  • Download the compatible save file for Coded Arms (.sav file)
  • Copy the .sav file into the SAVEDATA folder for Coded Arms
  • Launch the game through PPSSPP using that save file

This will give you access to higher levels, weapons, and unlocked content from that save state.

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Importing Textures

For custom textures and graphics:

  • Download the compatible texture pack for Coded Arms (.ppf file)
  • Locate the PPSSPP Textures file, usually in sdcard/PPSSPP/PSP/TEXTURES
  • Copy the texture .ppf file into the TEXTURES folder
  • Enable Custom Textures in PPSSPP graphics settings
  • Set Texture Scaling as desired
  • Launch Coded Arms to see the new textures applied

This allows you to upgrade the visuals with fan-made texture packs for a fresh look.



Coded Arms delivers a memorable dose of cybernetic combat that still holds up today. The graphics and effects were highly impressive for a handheld PSP title of its time. Along with the multiplayer modes and unlocks, there’s plenty of replay value here as well.

Thanks to PPSSPP, Android users can now battle through this sci-fi FPS journey on mobile. With the ISO downloaded and a few settings configured, you can be blasting enemies across computer networks in no time. Coded Arms is a must-download for PSP emulation fans wanting intense FPS action in the palm of their hand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about running Coded Arms on Android using PPSSPP:

Does the multiplayer work in Coded Arms on PPSSPP?

A: Unfortunately Coded Arms’ online multiplayer does not work on PPSSPP at this time. Only local wifi ad-hoc multiplayer is supported.

Can I play Coded Arms on Android with a PS4/Xbox controller?

A: Yes, PPSSPP supports connecting PS4, Xbox, and other Bluetooth controllers to your Android device for playing games.

Will Coded Arms run at full speed on my phone?

A: Performance can vary between devices. Newer high-end phones with SD 835/845s can run Coded Arms at full speed in most areas. Budget devices may experience occasional slowdowns in graphically intense sections.

Is there a way to skip levels or unlock everything in Coded Arms?

A: Using a complete save file from another user will allow you to bypass level unlock requirements and access all weapons immediately. Import the save file into PPSSPP.

How do I fix graphics glitches in Coded Arms on PPSSPP?

A: Try enabling the “Disable slower effects” setting in PPSSPP’s graphics options. This will bypass graphical effects that may cause glitches on some devices.

Can I play Coded Arms ISO from a zip file or do I need to extract it?

A: PPSSPP requires the ISO to be extracted from any compressed zip files. The emulator cannot read zipped ISO files directly.

How do I configure PPSSPP settings for the best Coded Arms performance?

A: Use OpenGL rendering, enable frameskip, and set CPU clock override to 222MHz for smoother gameplay. Disable slower effects if glitches occur.

What PPSSPP version do I need to play Coded Arms properly?

A: Coded Arms requires PPSSPP v1.9.3 or higher for the best compatibility. Update to the newest stable release for optimal performance.

Does Coded Arms support increasing the internal resolution in PPSSPP?

A: Yes, you can set an internal rendering resolution up to 4x PSP’s native res. Higher resolutions will increase graphics but also demand more processing power.

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