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Tomb Raider – Legend PPSSPP ISO file free download

Welcome to my blog post on downloading and playing the classic PSP game Tomb Raider – Legend on your smartphone and PC. As a long-time fan of the Tomb Raider franchise, I’m excited to share everything you need to know to get this iconic Lara Croft adventure up and running on your phone or tablet.

Download Tomb Raider - Legend PSP ISO | PPSSPP games 1

TOMB RAIDER – LEGEND is an action-adventure game developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Eidos Interactive in 2006 for the PlayStation Portable (PSP). This was a follow-up to the previously successful Tomb Raider games and it did not disappoint loyal fans!

The game follows Lara Croft as she searches the globe for pieces of an ancient artifact known as Excalibur that her mother was investigating before she mysteriously vanished. Along the way, Lara battles dangerous enemies and solves complex environmental puzzles in exotic locations like Peru, Japan, Ghana and Kazakhstan.

Download Tomb Raider - Legend PSP ISO | PPSSPP games 2

With its strong storyline, varied gameplay and stunning visuals, Tomb Raider – Legend breathed new life into the franchise and is considered one of the best Tomb Raider games ever made.

Now let’s look at how to get Tomb Raider – Legend running on your Android device using the PPSSPP emulator app.


Features of Tomb Raider – Legend PPSSPP game

• Immersive gameplay and storytelling

TOMB RAIDER – LEGEND features cinematic cutscenes and thrilling action sequences that draw you into Lara’s quest. The narrative expands on her origins and relationship with her mother in a compelling way.

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• Exotic locations

Lara explores ruins in Peru, traverses the rooftops of Tokyo, delves underground in Ghana and more. Each level has a unique feel and stunning visuals.

• Environmental puzzles

Use Lara’s acrobatic abilities and devices to manipulate objects, unlock new areas and progress through the game’s challenges.

• Varied combat

Take down enemies using Lara’s signature dual pistols and combat skills. She can creep up stealthily or engage in intense gunfights and hand-to-hand battles.

• Highly interactive environments

Swing from ropes, balance across beams, climb cliffs and more to fully explore every area. The dynamic environments make you feel part of the world.

• Rich storyline and character development

Learn more about Lara’s past and motivations through audio diaries and cutscenes. Complex characters like Amanda add intrigue.

• Memorable orchestral score

An emotive, cinematic soundtrack by Troels Brun Folmann punctuates the gameplay and draws you into this adventure.

• Striking graphics

Though originally designed for PSP, the graphics and textures still look beautiful even when upscaled on newer devices.

• Optimized controls

The default control scheme transfers well to touchscreens. You can also customize the on-screen buttons to your preference.


Device requirement

  • PSP console, Android version 4.4, PC or iOS device
  • PSP emulator
  • Zip extractor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 2GB free storage space

The PPSSPP emulator app allows you to play PSP games like Tomb Raider – Legend on Android. The app handles graphics, controls and gameplay to make it feel like you’re playing on the original PSP hardware.

For best performance, a device with higher RAM and a good processor is recommended for smooth graphics and minimal lag. But the game is still very playable on mid-range or older Android devices.


Download Information

  • File Name: Tomb Raider – Legend PSP
  • Download format: Rar file
  • Compressed download size: 1.15GB
  • Developer: Crystal Dynamics
  • Publisher: Eidos Interactive
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How to download and install Tomb Raider – Legend ISO file on Android

  • Download the Tomb Raider – Legend PSP ISO ROM file
  • Get your PPSSPP emulator from here
  • Get your zip extractor from here
  • Launch zip extractor, find and extract Tomb Raider – Legend
  • After the extraction, move the ISO file to the Game folder by following follow path; Internal storage– PSP– Game
  • After pasting the file, exit to the home screen
  • Launch the emulator app
  • Tap on the Find Games tab
  • Locate and select Tomb Raider – Legend


How to import Save data and texture packs in Tomb Raider – Legend

On an actual PSP system, use CFW or a save data homebrew utility to extract your Tomb Raider – Legend save folder to your PC.

• Transfer the save folder to Android

Copy the extracted Tomb Raider – Legend save folder to your Android device’s internal/SD storage. Place it in the PPSSPP save folder location.

• Load the save data in PPSSPP

Boot up Tomb Raider – Legend in PPSSPP. Go to Load Save Data and select your save file to load it. Your progress and unlocks will carry over!

You can also find Tomb Raider – Legend texture packs online that improve the visuals when loaded in PPSSPP. Simply download a texture pack, move it to your Android device, and load it in PPSSPP’s Texture Scaling options.

With save data and improved graphics, playing the PSP classic Tomb Raider – Legend on your mobile is the ultimate way to revisit this great superhero adventure. The PPSSPP emulator really makes it feel like you’re playing on the original PSP hardware.

By following these steps you can continue your adventure from where you left off and enjoy enhanced graphics with texture packs. Take Lara Croft on the go with your Android device!



I hope this post provided everything you need to know to easily download and start playing the classic PSP hit Tomb Raider – Legend on your Android phone or tablet. With the PPSSPP emulator app and the ISO file, you can experience this iconic Tomb Raider entry with enhanced graphics and portable convenience.

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Relive all the thrills of Lara’s globe-trotting adventure as she dives into the secrets of her past and pieces together the fragments of Excalibur. With its captivating storyline, gorgeous locales, engaging puzzles and cinematic action, Tomb Raider – Legend deserves a playthrough for both longtime fans and newcomers to the franchise.

So install PPSSPP, get the ISO and import your old save if you have one – it’s time to join Lara on another remarkable journey! Let me know in the comments if you have any trouble getting the game running, and enjoy your time with this classic on the go.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I customize controls in PPSSPP?

In the PPSSPP app, go to Settings > Controls to fully customize touchscreen buttons, sensitivity, layouts and more for Tomb Raider – Legend.

Why does the game run slowly on my device?

Lower graphics settings in PPSSPP like resolution scale, frameskip, texture scaling etc. Overclocking your device’s CPU in developer options can also help.

Can I play Tomb Raider – Legend on PC with PPSSPP?

Yes, PPSSPP is available for Windows and Mac. Pair a controller for the best experience. Click here to see how. Transferring save data works the same way.

How do I solve graphics glitches in the game?

Try toggling settings like Disable Alpha Test under Tools > Developer Tools. Some glitches may be device-dependent unfortunately.

Is there any way to get past anti-piracy checks?

Some downloads may bypass the anti-piracy checks that prevent saving progress. The ISO on this page will not have an issue.

Can I use cheat codes like the PSP version?

Yes, enable cheats under Settings > Tools in PPSSPP, then load a compatible cheat code .ini file.

How can I speed up performance on an older Android?

Reduce resolution, use frameskip, disable sound reverb, and close other apps. Overclocking the CPU may help too.

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