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Looking for a fun and challenging platformer to play on your smartphone device? Look no further than Daxter! This classic PSP game has been optimized for play on Android, iOS and PC using the popular PPSSPP emulator. In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know to download and start playing Daxter on your phone or tablet.

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Daxter is a 3D platformer originally released for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) system in 2005. You play as Daxter, a loudmouthed ottsel (half otter, half weasel) who is on a mission to save his best friend Jak from the evil Count Veger.

Armed with an electric fly swatter, Daxter must navigate through a variety of environments like a bar, construction site, and sewers. Run, jump, hover, and swat enemies while collecting orbs to unlock new abilities. Boss battles, vehicle segments, and minigames add variety to the gameplay.

Download Daxter PSP ISO | PPSSPP games 2

With its smooth animations, vibrant graphics, and humorous cutscenes, Daxter captures the spirit of the Jak and Daxter series. The PSP version adds new missions and unlockables not found in the PS2 original. It’s an exciting adventure filled with challenges and laughs.

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Features of Daxter PPSSPP game

Here are some of the key features that make Daxter such an enjoyable PSP platformer:

• Diverse Gameplay

Combine running, jumping, hovering, climbing, and swatting in intricate 3D levels. Pilot vehicles like a fish submarine and sewer lurker to change up the action. Play through missions like rhythm games and turret shooters for variety

• Humorous Story and Characters

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Laugh along with the wisecracking Daxter and eccentric characters. Enjoy funny cutscenes moved along by Daxter ‘s nonstop quips. Subplots add depth to the zany story about saving Jak

• Upgrades and Unlockables

Collect precursor orbs to gain new abilities and power-ups. Unlock concept art, costumes, and cheats by finding hidden items. Earn higher rankings by replaying levels and meeting objectives

• Mini-Games

Shoot enemies in arena survival challenges. Race against the clock in timed platforming levels. Master rhythm tapping games inspired by Whac-a-Mole

• Dynamic Environments

Explore a seedy bar, construction site, sewers, labs, and more. Run along moving platforms and gears for new challenges. Battle mini-bosses and epic bosses in their themed arenas

• Optimized Controls

Customizable buttons make the controls fit your playstyle. Swapping shoulder buttons allows flexible camera control. Dynamic mixing of analog, touch, and button controls

• Save States

Use save states to retry tricky sections or take a break. Auto-saves prevent losing progress if you exit the game. Easily manage multiple save files

• • Enhanced Graphics

Crisp textures and effects brought out at higher resolutions. Option to enhanceDrawDistance makes far-off areas clearer. Settings to reduce fogging and adjust shadow strength

• Extra Content

New precursor orb challenges extend the gameplay. Secret areas and unlockables add replay value. Support for PSP downloable content adds features


Device requirement

DAXTER runs extremely well on Android using the PPSSPP emulator, but you will need a reasonably powerful device to play smoothly. Here are the recommended specs:

  • PSP console, Android version 6.0, PC or iOS device
  • PSP emulator
  • Zip extractor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 500MB free storage space

With these specs, you should be able to run Daxter at 2-3x PSP resolution smoothly. Lower resolution options are available if your device isn’t quite as powerful. Controls are fully customizable and touch overlays let you position buttons anywhere.

You’ll also need approximately 1.3GB of free storage space to download the Daxter ISO and save your progress. A microSD card can supplement internal storage if needed.

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Download Information

  • File Name: Daxter PSP
  • Download format: Rar file
  • Compressed download size: 1GB
  • Developer: Ready at Dawn
  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

SEE how to install the game on PC here (ppsspp)


How to download and Install Daxter PPSSPP iso on Android

  • Download the Daxter PSP ROM file
  • Get your PPSSPP emulator from here
  • Get your zip extractor from here
  • Launch zip extractor, find and extract Daxter
  • After the extraction, move the ISO file to the Game folder by following follow path; Internal storage– PSP– Game
  • After pasting the file, exit to the home screen
  • Launch the emulator app
  • Tap on the Find Games tab
  • Locate and select Daxter


How to Import Save Data and Texture Files

One advantage of playing Daxter on Android is the ability to import save data, cheats, and graphics mods. Here’s how to do it:

Save Data

To import save data created on PSP or from another Android device:

  1. Locate your save data folder, usually under /PPSSPP/Saves
  2. Copy the folder with the save file code (ex: ULUS### for North America)
  3. Paste this folder into the save folder on your new device
  4. Load the game in PPSSPP, and load the save file

You can also use a utility like Content Manager to transfer PSP saves to Android.

Texture Packs

For enhanced graphics, download a texture pack and:

  1. Extract the files from the texture pack .zip folder
  2. Copy the extracted files into /PPSSPP/Textures
  3. Enable Load Custom Textures in PPSSPP’s graphics settings
  4. Set Texture Scaling as desired (5x looks great on some devices)

Texture packs help improve resolution, sharpness, and add graphical touches like bloom lighting.



With its fun platforming action centered around the beloved Daxter character, this PSP game is a must-play for Jak and Daxter fans. The Android port with PPSSPP makes it easy to enjoy the adventure on the go. Fluid controls, customizable options, and support for save imports and textures let you tailor the experience to your device.

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If you’re looking for a funny, challenging platformer for mobile, Daxter delivers hours of hoverboard-riding, bug-swatting entertainment. Download the ISO today and help Daxter save his furry orange behind!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up the PPSSPP emulator?

Install PPSSPP from the Play Store on your Android device. Go to Graphics settings and adjust options like frameskip and rendering resolution for optimal performance on your phone. Customize controls in the Controls menu.

Why does the game run slowly?

Try lowering the graphics resolution, enabling frameskip, or adjusting other performance settings in PPSSPP. Also close other apps running in the background. If issues persist, your device hardware may not meet optimal specs.

Can I play the Jak and Daxter collection instead?

Yes, the Jak and Daxter Collection is also playable in PPSSPP and includes the first three Jak games. However, Daxter ‘s adventure was only released on PSP, not in the collection.

How do I change languages?

Before booting the game, click the PPSSPP menu icon and select Change language. Here you can switch between languages like English, Spanish, and French.

Are there cheats available?

Yes, you can enable cheats like infinite health, all abilities unlocked, and debug mode using a codes file. Import a downloads cheat file into /PSP/Cheats folder.

Can I play multiplayer using Wi-Fi?

Unfortunately the Android port does not support the multiplayer or Wi-Fi features from the original PSP release. Only single player mode is available.

Why won’t my imported save data work?

Ensure your save file matches the region of the ISO and is placed in the correct PPSSPP save folder. If issues persist, try re-transferring the save or starting a new game.

How can I adjust graphics for better performance?

In the Graphics settings, try enabling frameskip, lowering rendering resolution, disabling mipmapping, reducing texture scaling, or lowering other options. This will trade visuals for smoother framerates if needed.

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