Naruto Shippuden-Ultimate Ninja Impact PPSSPP ISO Highly Compressed

Naruto Shippuden-Ultimate Ninja Impact PPSSPP ISO file free download

Looking for an intense fighting game? Naruto Shippuden-Ultimate Ninja Impact might be just what you need. Today we are here with another Naruto Shippuden game that you can play on your PSP console as well as your PC, iOS and Android with the help of PPSSPP.

Naruto Shippuden-Ultimate Ninja Impact is another Japanese game. It ranks high on the list of the best PPSSPP games ever. All the game’s weapons, goods, and abilities are available in today’s article.

Naruto Shippuden-Ultimate Ninja Impact

So, if you have an Android or another device that can run the PPSSPP emulator like Windows, macOS and iOS and you want a nice fighting game, NSUNI is your best bet. In order to facilitate download and installation, we have significantly compressed the file, as the actual game size is rather larger.

You should learn more about the game before you commit to downloading it. So keep reading to see the game’s features, how to get it, how to install it, a video demo, and some screenshots.

Naruto Shippuden-Ultimate Ninja Impact PPSSPP ISO Highly Compressed 1

The name and plot of the game came from the popular Naruto TV Series, which is an anime movie. In it, a lost boy named Naruto learns to use his ninja skills while being controlled by a spirit demon.

In the game version, Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha, two different characters, take different paths in the “Fourth Shinobi World War” against the terrorist group Akatsuki. The goal is to beat them by using all of the different ways to fight. In this newest version, you can choose from three fighters to beat the enemies.

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Features for Naruto Shippuden-Ultimate Ninja Impact PSP

• New attacking moves and combos
Naruto’s new stunt and aggressive move with devastating effects makes its way in this game.

• Multiplayer mode
The game features the multiplayer mode where you can play with your friend and enjoy the fun together

• New Mission
There are now more additional missions available in the main story mode, in addition to several unlockable bonus stages.

 • Clear HD graphics
The game has high-quality visuals that make the action look and feel more realistic and engaging.

• Realistic sound effect
You’ll get the full effect of the game’s audio with a pair of stereo headphones, as the sound effects are perfectly timed to the on-screen action.


Requirement for android device

  • PC, android or IOS device
  • Android PSP emulator
  • File explorer
  • 2GB device RAM
  • Quad or Octa-core processor
  • 1GB storage space


Download information

File name: Naruto Shippuden-Ultimate Ninja Impact
File format: PSP ISO
Download compressed size: 775MB
Developer: CyberConnect2


How to download and install Naruto Shippuden-Ultimate Ninja PPSSPP

To download and install Naruto Shippuden-Ultimate Ninja Impact PSP follow the below steps;

  • First download PSP emulator from here
  • Then, click the link to start downloading iso game file
  • Download File Manager to unzip the download file
  • Use File Manager downloaded from the above link to extract or unzip the ISO file
  • After extraction, move the game to your phone storage by following this path Storage– PSP– Game. Paste your file in the Game folder.
  • You should then install the PSP emulator you downloaded from the above link.
  • After installation, launch the emulator app and click the find games tab
  • Tap on Naruto Shippuden-Ultimate Ninja Impact to start playing.
  • Finally, you can start enjoying your game and start the missions
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