How to fix fast charging not working on Smartphone

How to fix a phone that will not fast charge at home

Slow charging devices can be annoying and can actually make one get tired of using smartphones most especially when the battery drain rate is high. Mobile phone manufacturers were aware of this problem which makes them to go in hunt for a way to improve charging rate of the battery, they were successful and this led to the advent of fast charging.

Fast charging is a concept that was first invented by Qualcomm in 2013, and different updates and upgrades were done by other smartphone manufacturers to include the feature in there products. Phones like Huwei, Infinix, samsung, iPhones, Xaomi and lots of other manufacturers adopted the feature.

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This has helped users a lot especially saving them of lots of valuable time to engage in other things, as a mobile phone can actually completely charging in less an hour. This has been the recent development over the years, however most people don’t know how the process works, so lets do a little study before we go into how to fix the problem.

How Fast charging works?

The secret behind fast charging is simple one, fast charging works with an increased limit of voltage that allows for considerably smaller charging times, and phone are modified to adapt to receive this high voltage. However, till now charger making companies were careful not to produce too much current flowing into the smartphone as it can destroy the battery and even turning the device into ashes, cases of smartphones being damaged by fast charging have been seen in some device over the years.
Lessons have been learnt and those mistakes were actually corrected and now that the quick charging has been around for years it is now safe enough.
However some users still have various problem with fast charging. Below are things that can slow down your charging.

Things that causes slow charging in smartphones

  • Faulty charging ports
  • Dirt accumulation in the charging port
  • Bad adapter
  • Chargers not modified for quick charging
  • Software bugs
  • Fast charging disabled in settings
  • Faulty USB cable

Lets take a look on how to detect if you have any of the above problems so as to look for adequate solution.

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How to fix fast charging not working

To determine what the problem is, follow the below procedures;
• Check your settings
Some smartphone kept fast charging as an option which can be enabled or disabled, so you need to first check if the settings is not disabled on your device.

  • Navigate to Settings on your device.
  • Click on Battery option.
  • If your phone is equipped with fast charging feature you should then Fast cable charging at the last option, check if it is disabled and enable it.
  • Plug in your phone with the original charger and see if fast charges.
  • If it does not fast charge, reboot your phone.

This should work as some device may automatically reset the settings to disable the quick charging after updates or factory reset.

• Make sure you are using an original fast charging charger
A lot of chargers are available in the market and some regular chargers are as bad as not even using them at all, getting a qualified charger has a high chance your device will charge well. You can not compare the price of a fast charger with just a cheap regular charger and selecting your charger based on how cheap it is may not be good.
A regular charger won’t be able to amplify the charging power as certified ones can as it may not produce high quality current and may gets weak or damaged over time.

To identify if your charger is capable of charging fast, observe the adapter; on the charger you should be able to see an icon like this ⚡ on your charger check for the output voltage if it is 2A or text like;

  • Fast Charging
  • Quick Charging
  • Flash charging
  • Dash Charging
If you discover none of the above is on your charger, there probabilities your charger is not equipped with such feature so get a better charger. However, if your charger has the above then you are to try the next option
• Try another USB cord or cable
There are chances your USB cable is damaged which may still be charging but does so with reduced efficiency, you should also be aware that some USB cables are also bad even if they are new, such cables are usually flexible and thin. When you use a faulty USB cable your device charging may be reduced or completely stops, some people squeeze their USB cable in to a bag or pocket when they are going somewhere which may have broken their cable.
There is no way to troubleshoot this than to try different Cords to check if the fast charging comes up, make sure you use quality cord to check the fault comes from the cable.
Bonus hint: you can also try your charger with another fast charging device
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• Remove dirts from charging portIf you work in a dusty environment, paper factory, farm or any other dusty particle prone workplace you might get this problem frequently so if the above hints have not solve the the problem, then its time to go some cleaning, since dirts can slow down effective transfer of current from the charger to your phone.
To do this, try looking into your charging port to see if there is any sign of dust, paper, sand, stick or any other material, you can do this where there is high intensity of light to enable you see everything clearly. If you see something, then lets remove it, so power off your device.

Get material like a small pair of tweezers, a needle or a toothpick to remove any accumulated dirt in the port but do this with extreme care as using sharp object carelessly can complicate the issue.
Get a small cotton wet it with alcohol let sit in the port for time and use it to pack the dirts
Blow the port using your mouth to remove residual dirt.
Leave your phone for about 2 minutes then power up your phone to see if the issue is gone

• Check if problem is software based
Oh no! The above didn’t work for you? Don’t panic yet, since we have troubleshoot the hardware and no solutions yet then lets try to see if the problem is from the software.
Your fast charging problem might also be from a third party app installed or you may have been deceived does fast charging which is not equipped with such feature. However, to find out follow the below procedure;
We need to boot your device into safe mode, to do this;
While your phone is turned on, press and hold power button just like you want to switch off your phone but here you will have to be patient, once you see the power option pop-up press and hold power off.

You will get a pop-up requesting you to confirm boot to safe mode, press OK to affirm.
The motive of doing this is to start your device temporarily in a factory mode which silent other third party app which only power up only system apps and it does no permanent changes to your device so don’t be scared you are going to disrupts any settings.
So lets proceed, once your phone is powered on in the safe mode, plug in your charger and check if it fast charges.
If it does in the safe mode, reboot back your phone back to normal.
Think of all apps you install recently before the quick charging stops, uninstall them to see if there is any changes also make sure you uninstall all battery optimization or management apps you have on your device. This method should definitely work.
However it it still doesn’t work the last resort is below.

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• Factory reset
Before you proceed with this step, you will need a backup of all your data as all of them will be wiped clean, so to avoid loosing your data ensure you do a backup of your files.

  • Navigate to Settings Advanced settings, Backup & reset (do a backup if you have none)
  • Do factory data reset.
  • Tap on Reset Phone and wait for the process to complete.
  • Wait for the process to complete and check if fast charging is active.

If the process is still not working, then the fix is beyond you as one or more hardware of your device has failed and need technical repair, so do this there are two options left.

• Visit a phone technician
You have tried the above steps and none of them works for you, a technician work is required on the hardware of your device so go to a reliable engineer’s shop for repair however if you recently got the phone and you discover the fast charging stops or is not even working this last step is definitely for you.

• Return phone to factory under warranty
Why will you get a phone just within six month and the phone will develop faults you are pretty sure the fault is not from your own end and you will still continue to use it, there are chances the phone will still develop some other faults vary soon, so before your warranty expires return the phone to the factory stating the problem.
They are likely to correct the error or give you a replacement so go for it.I hope this article helps, if you find this article helpful signify by letting us know using the comment box below, it really means a lot to us. You can also help by sharing this article to your friends on facebook, whatsapp, linked in, twitter e.t.c by using the share button below.
Thanks for reading.
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