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“To allow access please respond” error solved on iPhone

It is no longer a new thing to understand iPhones, iPads and other apple products are great in term of security, this is why stolen apple products are rare. The “To allow access please respond on your iPhone or iPad” error  is one of the error messages you are likely to see when your phone security is tampered with.

What is the main cause of this error?

The cause of this problem is not far fetched, the error message comes when wrong passcode are entered multiple times on your device which automatically leads to the disabling of your iPhone. The main purpose of the security measure is to prevent unauthorised access by intruders. Once this error is displayed on your device, you will not be able to use your phone. The device then advice you connect your phone to iTunes via a computer. You are then requested to sync your device with with your computer. Immediately you approve the process, you will receive the the error message that you are to respond to your iPhone to complete the process knowinfully well that you no longer have access to your device and you are left with no solution, but in this article you will learn how to easily fix and completely solve the error message.

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How to fix “please respond on your iPhone”

To Allow Access Please Respond On Your iPhone error is a problem that requires a careful approach to fix and for the sake of complete easy understanding we will explain the solution step by step so follow with care, to fix the error we have two (2) approach to fix the problem.

• Ignore the error message

This might sound insane but it actually works, and it is also the simplest approach to fixing the issue so if you don’t mind giving it a try, lets jump right into the procedure.

  • Don’t disconnect yet, ignore the message and allow the software to complete its thing on your iPhone
  • You get a pop-up asking If you trust this computer, hit trust option.
  • Your device complete the process and then it is back to normal.

• Recovery mode fix

You can also fix the error by using the recovery mode however, the downside of this fix is you get to loose your files and data on your device so if you are the type that does backup of your files then you have nothing to fear. So follow the steps below and you will be good to go;

  • Launch iTunes
  • First update your iTunes, this is to avoid error during the recovery process. To do this navigate to the help menu, hit the check for update option and install.
  • Switch off your device
  • Connect your device to the computer via USB, press and hold the power button.
  • Release the power button once you see the apple logo
  • You should then see the recovery options, hit the Restore button to start the process.
  • Click on restore from backup, choose your backup location and wait while your device complete the process as it may take some time.

With the above, you should now be free from the awful error message although this is a technical error from apple and they have been notified about the error so for the main time before the error is being fixed by apple you can use the guides in this article to fix the error for.
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