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G-FORCE PPSSPP ISO file free download

G-FORCE is an exciting action-adventure game for the PSP platform that lets players take control of a team of guinea pigs trained as agents to save the world. With its fast-paced 3D gameplay, vibrant graphics, and fun characters, G-FORCE is a great game to add to your PPSSPP emulator on Android.


Here’s a guide on how to get G-FORCE up and running on your Android device, iOS and even PC using a PPSSPP ISO file.

With its exciting spy action, varied gameplay, fun cartoon aesthetic, and 4 player local co-op, G-FORCE is a great PPSSPP title for Android. It offers an enjoyable experience for gamers of all ages.

Download G-FORCE PSP ISO | PPSSPP games 1

Following this guide to get it running smoothly and transferring saves makes it easy to pick up and play this classic PSP hit on your mobile device. The game is a blast to play solo or cooperatively with friends for on-the-go gaming fun.


Features of G-FORCE PPSSPP game

G-FORCE shines with many notable features that make it an enjoyable PPSSPP title to play on Android. Here are some of the key things that stand out:

• Adrenaline-Pumping Action

The game throws players right into high-octane action sequences with relentless enemies and obstacles to overcome. The guinea pig agents jump, dodge, slide, and zip line through levels taking down foes with cool gadgets and skills. The action stays exciting from start to finish.

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• Varied Gameplay

G-FORCE mixes up the gameplay nicely across 15 mission-based levels. Players pilot vehicles like a space shuttle, sports car, and fighter jet in addition to on-foot sequences. The game flows well between these varied scenarios to keep it feeling fresh.

• Cool Spy Gadgets

As trained secret agents, the guinea pigs have some awesome spy tech at their disposal like grappling guns, rocket launchers, x-ray goggles and more that liven up the action. Using gadgets tactically adds an extra dimension to gameplay.

• Great 3D Visuals

On the visual front, G-FORCE looks fantastic on PPSSPP with well-detailed 3D environments, slick animations, and effects like explosions and debris that look great. It holds up well graphically despite being a 2009 PSP title.

• 4-Player Local Co-Op

A fun highlight is the option for up to 4 players to team up locally for co-op missions. Teaming up with friends makes the action even more engaging and allows players to utilize fun combos.

• Humorous Lighthearted Tone

G-Force’s premise of playing as highly-trained guinea pig agents gives it a humorous charm. The characters have funny personalities that shine during cutscenes and banter during gameplay to keep things lighthearted.

• Kid-Friendly Accessible Gameplay

With its cartoon guinea pigs, exaggerated spy action, and easy-to-grasp gameplay, G-FORCE is an accessible game for younger gamers while still offering enough depth for older players. It hits a nice balance of fun gameplay for all ages.

• Replay Value

Between the 15 campaign levels, unlockable challenges, co-op mode, and collectables, G-FORCE provides plenty of replay value after completing the main story. There’s lots of content here to keep players coming back.


Device requirement

  • PC, android or IOS device
  • Android PSP emulator
  • File explorer
  • 2GB device RAM
  • Quad or Octa-core processor
  • 2GB storage space
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Download Information

  • File Name: G-FORCE PSP
  • Download format: Rar file
  • Compressed download size: 705MB
  • Developer: Eurocom
  • Game Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios

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How to Install G-FORCE PSP on Android device

  1. Install the PSP emulator you download 
  2. Click here to start downloading iso game file
  3. Download File Manager to unzip the download file
  4. Unzip the ISO file using the Zip extractor downloaded from the above link
  5. After extraction, move the ISO file to your Device Memory by following this path Internal storage– PSP– Game. Paste it in the Game folder.
  6. Exit to your home screen
  7. Launch your emulator app and click the Find Games tab
  8. Locate and select the G-FORCE game
  9. You can then start your game as a trained guinea pigs agent hero and save the world


How to Import Save Data and Texture Files

Taking your progress and custom textures from one device to another is easy with G-FORCE using PPSSPP’s built-in save data import/export functionality. Here are the steps:

Export Save Data

You can download it online or you can move from your current device go to PPSSPP’s menu > Save Data Utility > Export Savedata. Choose your G-FORCE save and export it. This will create a .ppst file containing your save.

Transfer Save to New Device

Using file transfer of your choice like cloud storage or USB cable, copy the .ppst file over to the new device. Place it somewhere easy to access like internal storage or SD card.

Import Save

Launch PPSSPP on the new device and go to Load Save Data. Locate your transferred .ppst file and confirm import. The emulator will install the save file, allowing you to continue where you left off in G-FORCE.

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Repeat these steps to transfer any custom textures or other game files. PPSSPP makes it easy to continue your progress across devices.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download the G-FORCE ISO file?

You can find the G-FORCE ISO file from various ROM sites online. Be sure to download it legally.

Does the game support controllers?

Yes, G-FORCE has great controller support and plays best with physical controls rather than touchscreen. Any compatible Android controller will work.

How is the performance on mid-range phones?

G-FORCE runs well on mid-range devices thanks to PPSSPP optimizations. You can expect smooth gameplay at 30fps/720p on phones with SD 660 chipsets or equivalent.

Are there cheats or mods for the game?

PPSSPP lets you apply cheat codes to enable things like invincibility or infinite ammo. There are also mods at sites like PPSSPPForums that allow new costumes, textures, and gameplay tweaks.

Does G-FORCE have online multiplayer?

Unfortunately no, the only multiplayer option is local co-op with up to 4 players in the campaign and challenges. There is no online multiplayer.

How large is the G-FORCE ISO file size?

The G-FORCE ISO file size is around 500-700MB depending on the rip, so it won’t take up too much storage space. Highly compressed options are available.

Can I play this game offline?

Yes, G-FORCE does not require an internet connection and can be played fully offline once downloaded and installed onto your device via PPSSPP.

Does it support graphics customization?

PPSSPP allows you to customize graphics settings like resolution, textures, and post-processing effects to get the desired performance and visuals.

Are PSP games safe to download?

As with any content from the internet, caution is advised. Stick to reputable sources, perform scans if needed, and do so at your own risk. Official PSP ISOs legally purchased are the safest option.

How is the audio quality?

The audio holds up well, with nice 16-bit 44KHz sound effects, good voice acting, and a solid original soundtrack that enhances the spy movie atmosphere.

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