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WWE 2K24 PSP for Android free download

Many WWE fans watch the shows on TV, and some even watch the fights live on the internet. They enjoy Smackdown, Raw, NXT, MITB, Survivor Series, Summer Slam, WrestleMania, and other parts of the series. But you shouldn’t just watch matches. You can now play WWE games on your game devices as well as on your PC PSP consoles or Android device.

You may be like me in that you’ve always wanted to be part of the action you see on TV when WWE superstars square off in the ring.

We can’t all get to the wrestling ring. However, we can still have a taste of it feels like to be in the fighting arena. We’re going to walk you through how to get WWE 2K24 PPSSPP Game. Let’s dive deep into the exciting world of Wrestling games on the PPSSPP simulator.


I remember when I would watch Raw or SmackDown and eagerly anticipate for the Rey Mysterio 619 move or the You can’t see me from John Cena. Now, with WWE 2K24 PPSSPP, I can control these wrestling legends and make my own great wrestling moments.

So, today we’re here with the WWE 2K24 PSP ISO file, and we’ll show you how to download and install this game on your Android device using a PSP emulator.

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The WWE 2K24 is a new wrestling game for the year 2024. You shouldn’t miss out on it, especially since you can play this PPSSPP game on your Android device even if you don’t have a PSP. Even though the company stopped making the game in 2015, creators who like the game have taken it upon themselves to modify it so that we can still play it
So, in this post, we’ll give you the WWE ISO file and show you how to import it into the PSP emulator so you can start playing. But before we talk about how to download and install WWE 2K24 game, let me tell you what’s new in it.

Features of WWE 2K24 PPSSPP game

• More wrestlers
This PSP game has been updated with new wrestlers and divas that you can choose from to start your fight and beat your opponents.

• Graphics in HD
One of the best parts of playing games is when they look more real than real life. The graphics in WWE 2K24 are very good and show a lot of information about the fight arena and the wrestlers.

•  Entrance scene
All of the different ways that wrestlers enter the ring and what they do before and after they do so have been included.

• Interesting new matches
Lots of new matches have been added to the game. You can now fight in cages, compete for money in the bank, use tables, ladders, and chairs, and take part in tag team and survival matches.

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• Battery friendly
This game has been made to use less battery power. Unlike older versions of the game, like 2K19 and 2K21, this PPSSPP game lets you play for longer.



Devices requirements

  • Android version 7.0
  • PSP emulator
  • Zip extractor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 2GB free storage space


Download information

  • File name: WWE 2K24
  • File type: ISO file
  • Download size: 900MB
  • Developer: 2K Inc

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How to download and Install WWE PSP ISO file

  1. Download WWE 2024 ISO file from here
    WWE 2K24 Link 1
    WWE 2K24 Link 2
  2. Download android PPSSPP emulator from here
  3. Download Zip extractor from here
  4. Now, after you’ve downloaded the ISO file, use the zip extractor to get the WWE file you downloaded out of the zip file.
    Use 2k24 Mod By TechnicalTechInfo as password
  5. After the file has been extracted, add it to the SD card using the path
  6. Internal storage— PSP— Game.
  7. Install and launch the PSP emulator.
  8. Find WWE 2K24 under the Games menu.
  9. Click on the 2K24 Icon to start your game


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