Top best Games like Caesar 4

Top alternative Games to Caesar 4

Caesar 4 is a city-building game that was released in 2004. It is the sequel to Caesar 3. The game has you playing as the governor of a Roman province. You are responsible for all aspects of the province, from military conquest to infrastructure development. You might have probably played this game hence your reason for looking for similar games like Caesar 4.

Games like Caesar 4

Today, we will be giving you the top best games like Caesar 4 for you to enjoy. If you are interested in these alternatives which are city-building oriented, strategy or simulation, you might want to check out the below list.

Caesar 4 alternatives


10 Best Games like Caesar 4

1. Banished

Banished is a Strategy, Role-Playing and Building video game developed by The Behemoth and published by The Behemoth. Your task in the game is to build and defend your home and stop the invading forces as long as you can. Your goal is to defend your village and your people by building a big wall around your village and placing an army of your friends around the entire region to face the enemy.

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The game has a brilliant setting and a very intuitive gameplay and lets you play as a noble or a barbarian, build your village into a noble city, defend your village from the invading forces, train your army, and fight the enemies in order to defend your village. Your basic task in the game is to build your village, train your army, attack the enemies, defend your village from the invaders. The game is available for windows PC and few other consoles.


2. Tropico

Tropico is a sandbox-style 4X video game developed and published by Haemimont Games. It is the first instalment in the Tropico series and is one of the most popular sandbox-style 4X video games. The game offers a variety of various features and gameplay such as managing a tropical island, building resources and more. The game lets the player choose a new island and start constructing a new home. The game also offers single and multiplayer modes. Collect resources to build bigger buildings, industries, and utilities. Be careful because if you overdo then you’ll have a lot of problems, such as garbage, pollution, collapsing buildings, and more. The game features a wide range of characters such as pirates, rebels, military, and more.


3. Stronghold HD

Stronghold HD is an amazing Strategy and Building video game developed by Firefly Studios and published by Firefly Studios as well and is based on the Stronghold series. This is one of the major similar games like Caesar 4, Firefly Studios has added some new features and improved the gameplay of the original game. The game lets you build defensive and offensive fortifications on the map, collect resources and trade them, can wage wars against the enemy, farm for resources and also manage your own cities.

In the game, you can build high-rise buildings, create and maintain a field of fortifications, manage your troops and even capture enemy fortifications. You can upgrade your buildings and fortifications by upgrading them with various technologies. This is one of those game where you can play for hours without you realizing you have played for long.


4. Grand Ages: Rome

From the creators of Civilization and Empire, comes Grand Ages: Rome. It is a unique city-building game where you take on the role of the leader of a people, nation or city-state in the Roman Empire. It is one of the best Caesar 4 alternatives based on Rome city building. It is a multiplayer game and you can play with friends and even strangers. It is also available on a variety of consoles.

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5. Pax Augusta

The Ancient Roman Empire is the only one to rule the world, but how long can it last? We are in the 2nd century A.D. The barbarians are on the borders, the Roman Empire is split in half, all very close to the fall. The story here is just similar to Caesar 4 and you can build a city but you must use a great deal of strategy if you want to win this game as it is very tasking.

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6. Wasteland 3

Want a game with a bit of humour? Try Wasteland 3. It’s a turn-based RPG about travelling around the post-apocalyptic wasteland. You begin the game as a merchant, but as you travel around the map you’ll find helpful companions and dangerous enemies. There’s a good amount of RPG elements, and you’ll need to manage your resources and travel carefully or you’ll run out of supplies. Wasteland is a game like Caesar 4 but with a little bit of action. It is available for consoles like Xbox One, PS4, macOS, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Windows and more.


7. Townsmen

Handy Games’ Townsmen is a construction and management simulation game with a focus on strategic gameplay. The game puts the players in a medieval setting with the objective of creating their own city. The objective of the game is to grow a small town into an expansive metropolis, improve the economy, and create the most contented citizens possible. Players can explore the world in search of mining areas, gather all the required resources, and have fun building with them.

Players are also entrusted with decorating the city with farms, gardens, markets, statues, and enormous, aesthetically pleasing structures. Criminals are the worst kind of adversaries to face in a game. To safeguard the populace, the players must construct barracks and watchtowers, as well as enlist and educate soldiers. The game’s emphasis on efficient corporate management and the creation of a prosperous nation is a huge asset.


8. Seven Kingdoms

The game “Seven Kingdoms: War of the Wolf” is an epic strategy game. The game takes place in a fantasy world that resembles medieval times. You will play as one of the seven kingdoms that are battling for the role of the strongest kingdom in the world. Play a variety of strategies and tactics to achieve victory over your opponent. It is one of the best Caesar 4 alternatives we have seen.



This is a city-building and economic simulation video game series, with real-time strategy elements. With its development at the beginning of the fifteen-nineties, the ANNO series have been in development since then. The first game of the series was released in 2005 and ANNO 2070 Game of the Year Edition in August 2006 for Microsoft Windows. It also involves the survival of a city you have to build and protect.

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10. Hearthlands

Hearthlands is a city-building, strategy, and economic simulation game like Caesar 4, that combines a number of genres including city-building, real-time strategy, economic simulation, and simulation of medieval combat. A stylistic combination of “old-school” city-building and strategy games, and a familiar interface make Hearthlands highly accessible for players that are new to the genre. The game, set in the fictional Kingdom of Hearthlands, was developed by 51 Media. This Caesar 4 alternative is popular among those who like simulation games.

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