Top 5 football cryptocurrencies to invest in 2024

Profitable football cryptocurrencies to invest In

Cryptocurrency has grown to become a major investment worldwide. Football-related cryptos offer a new opportunity for fans to support their favorite game. However, these same cryptos can also serve as a way of earning passive income through sports betting. Financially speaking, this market is still relatively untapped but it provides an exciting prospect due to the ability to make money from both supporting teams and investing in crypto at once.

Top 5 football cryptocurrencies to invest in 2024 1


Most popular sport-crypto

People who love football and want to find an unusual method of supporting their adored sport should consider investing in football-connected cryptocurrency and also earn passive income. When these two worlds come together digitally and physically, there is nothing more unique than owning
such assets which not only allow one back his/her best teams but also engage in
crypto investments.

Here are top five football cryptos that someone can invest in and make money in digital coins.


All Sports (SOC)

All Sports (SOC) is building a system on blockchain that will foster growth in the field of sports. It uses SOC tokens to connect fans, teams and clubs globally for interaction and transactions. This platform offers everything from content discovery up to crowdfunding projects thereby creating an overall economy for all sports. The company has implemented this technology into its operations in a bid to enhance experiences throughout different games while making them more inclusive through decentralization among individuals who love sporting
activities around the world.

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FanChain (FANZ)

FanChain (FANZ) is a cryptocurrency designed specifically for sports with an innovative way of tokenizing fans. To earn FANZ tokens, one must participate actively by creating and sharing content on the platform, as well as being involved in social interactions. These can be utilised for many things including purchasing items and opening up to exclusive content. The FanChain model rewards users for continuing engagement on the platform, leading to the creation of an exciting community of sports enthusiasts who improve the overall experience.


SportyCo (SPF)

SportyCo (SPF) presents a unique proposition in the sports investment landscape. It aims to democratise sports funding by enabling small investors to support emerging athletes. The platform’s decentralised approach removes financial barriers, allowing talents to focus on their development while offering investors a stake in potential future earnings. SportyCo’s vision extends beyond traditional sponsorship, fostering a

community where athletes and supporters can mutually benefit from their success on the field.


Socios fan tokens, revolutionises fan engagement by offering fan tokens for sports teams. These tokens empower fans to influence team decisions, access exclusive content, and enjoy unique experiences. The platform’s partnership with major football clubs worldwide has established a new paradigm in sports fandom.’s innovative approach fosters a closer connection between clubs and supporters, leveraging blockchain’s transparency and security to create a trusted environment for fan interaction.


Chiliz (CHZ)

Chiliz, a Malta-based FinTech company, has become the go-to for sports and entertainment over the years. At present, it is one of the most popular cryptocurrency destinations. Chiliz is a platform based on blockchain technology which runs Socios – an online sports entertainment service, where followers can get involved in making decisions for their favourite clubs.

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Native currency

CHZ serves as the native token for the Chiliz sports and entertainment ecosystem, currently driving platforms like, ChilizX and the Chiliz Chain.

Buy Chiliz on directly in Nigeria! has USDT paired with Chiliz, which is tradeable. This offers Nigeria based users the opportunity to easily buy USDT directly that can thereafter be used to purchase CHZ. This is an effortless way to access the CHZ cryptocurrency in Nigeria because it offers a trusted and easy method to exchange assets.’s Earn program’s Earn program offers crypto users the chance to maximise their returns by utilising their crypto holdings. Through a partnership with MakerDAO, Compound and Aave, alongside other esteemed DeFi protocols and staking services, participants can earn passive yields by securely lending their assets. Enrolling in the Earn program offers several advantages such as the following:

Additional income through cryptoPeople who deposit BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, DAI or other digital assets into loan pools may earn additional income in a simple way.Convenient processRewards are credited automatically at the end of the subscription term with an optional auto-renewal feature that streamlines reward collection and requires minimal effort.

Increase in profits due to the use of EXMO Coins

A user gets higher returns on various assets for keeping EXMO Coin, hence can earn more and give better earnings to individuals taking part in the process.



Income can also be made from football-related cryptocurrencies passively as they provide an avenue for fans to support their favorite teams. Innovative ways through which individuals may involve themselves with sport industry using platforms such as powered by Chiliz; All Sports (SOC), SportyCo (SPF), and FanChain (FANZ) among others are some of the cryptocurrencies available. Furthermore, Earn program by offers secure lending opportunities with assets in addition to other sources that yield profit from cryptosystems for users involved in crypto transactions or investments.

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This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered a form of financial advice. Each individual trader is solely responsible for their own decisions to invest in cryptocurrencies. We cannot be held liable for any losses that may result from trading activities. Additionally, remember to thoroughly research and analyze any project yourself before deciding to invest in it, following the principle of “Do Your Own Research” (DYOR).

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