Apollyon in BOI Afterbirth+: How to Unlock?

Apollyon in Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+

The Binding of Isaac features a ton of incredibly unique characters, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Apollyon, a character included in the Afterbirth+ DLC, has the ability to make your run extremely Powerful if you know how to utilize him. It would be best if you first learned how to unleash Apollyon, nevertheless.

Apollyon in BOI Afterbirth+: How to Unlock? 1

Who is Apollyon?

The Greek name of the Christian apocalyptic destroyer Abaddon is called Apollyon. The character conveys the Christian concept that embraces The Binding of Isaac as a whole.

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How Do I Unlock Apollyon?

You only need to beat Mega Satan within a run to access Apollyon. But there are a few things to keep in mind. It cannot be a winning lap or a seeded run in order for the unlock to activate.

During a run, you must aim for the angel rooms to reach Mega Satan. They should leave behind two key pieces that when combined will let you into the massive satan fight after destroying two different angel sculptures in the angel rooms.

As an alternative, you can enter the room by using the dad’s key active gear. Following your initial acquisition of the two necessary components from the angel statues, this item becomes available.


How Productive Is Apollyon?

Get ready to have a great deal of fun in The Binding of Isaac immediately you unlocked Apollyon.

The character’s primary attraction is the Void, which is his initial possession. With a little luck, you can turn any bad run around and win by using the active item The Void, which has a 6 bar recharge time.

For the duration of the run, Void transforms all passive items to statistic upgrades, so lower items like Abel and Mom’s Heart could potentially be used as damage or tear upgrades. You may create some potent combinations and aim for some of the greatest Isaac synergies available because the Vault also assumes the role of any active items which you absorb with its charge.

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How to Play Apollyon

You are constrained to a specific play style that centres around your beginning item in Apollyon, which is one of the main complaints that many players have about it. Even if it is true, it is a good play style that will frequently provide you with the stat increase you need to win.

The strategy is straightforward: consume every passive item you do not wish to pick up with Void to receive an upgrade. The Book of Revelations, the Satanic Bible, and the Prayer Card might be stacked for a potent HP-generating synergy, on the other hand, if you desire to carry any active items with you.

One restriction applies. The effectiveness of Apollyon still heavily depends on luck. You’ll probably want to avoid your first few starting pedestals that display extremely poor active items, which will leave you without anything for a few item rooms. Furthermore, if you obtain a really strong active item early on, you’ll probably find yourself debating between taking it. The choice might also decide the outcome of your run.

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