Top best Games like Grimvalor

Top alternative Games to Grimvalor

Grimvalor is a new action RPG game for mobile devices that has been getting a lot of buzzes lately. The game is set in a dark, gothic world and promises plenty of hacking and slashing action. If you’re looking for a similar experience on your Android or iOS device, here are games like Grimvalor that are sure to satisfy you.

Games like Grimvalor

Top best Games like Grimvalor 1

So today, we will be giving you the top best similar games like Grimvalor that you can start playing on your mobile device and gaming consoles today.

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10 Best Games like Grimvalor


1. Kung Fu Attack: PVP

Kung Fu Attack: PVP revolves around Fighting and Action game elements, developed by iMob. It also offers a blend of Puzzle and Action gameplay. In the game, you can play versus battles to dominate the world against other players in order to become the world’s best player. It invites you to an action-packed world, where you have to defeat all the enemies in the game. While playing the game, you have a chance to develop your skills by competing against players from all over the world. The game includes prominent features such as Fight against Enemies, Defeat Your Online Opponents, Improved Fighting Techniques, and more.

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2. Shadow Battle 2.2

Shadow Battle 2.2 Offline Fighting Game is a side-scrolling hack-and-slash game with an RPG twist that is developed by GAME. It offers you an amazing adventure where you control a warrior equipped with deadly weapons. The game offers you a compelling mix of side-scrolling, action, and fighting elements. This is one of the best games like Grimvalor. The game features a unique blend of combat, action, RPG, and side-scrolling elements.

The game has a perfect blend of epic bosses, hordes of enemies, and challenging enemies to fight against. The game lets you play in a beautiful world with a variety of terrains to explore. You will encounter different types of enemies that require you to defeat them to progress further. The game has a ranking system to become the master. While playing the game, you can earn and complete missions to score points and compete with other players.


3. Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises: Rise of the Nightlord brought by Snail Games USA is an Action, Hack-and-Slash, and Single-player video game. It is yet another instalment of the Darkness Rises series. While the last game ended in a successful ending, the new instalment is going to be more outstanding. The player is going to get into a world of Diabolical dungeons, dark mazes, and many more. The player tries to bring the Nightmare into the real world and tries to stop the invasion of Darkness Rises.

You will surely enjoy this one as it is one of the prominent alternatives to Grimvalor. The game has a new storyline, new enemies, and many more features. Darkness Rises Rise of the Nightlord includes a large number of weapons, a huge number of items, and a lot more. In the game, the player can create a new hero and even design a unique look.


4. Dawn Break Origin

Dawn Break Origin is a 2D side-scrolling beat’em up video game developed by KoZi Interactive. The game is one of the best replacements to Grimvalor available on the Android platform with the Google Play Store and has been published on August 25, 2013. The game story revolves around the struggle between demons and humans and the protagonist’s journey for his survival.The player is required to battle with multiple demons and other monsters and enemies.

He is also required to keep an eye on continuous combat. The player can use various powers and weapons to defeat his enemies. The main objective of the game is to fight with the new enemy and collect the treasure. The player must fight with demons and other monsters and try to defeat their leader, the Grim Reaper.

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5. Dark Sword 2

Dark Sword 2 is an Action, RPG, Single-player and Multiplayer video game created by Koei Co. Ltd. The game takes place in a fantasy world, where the players need to fight against legendary monsters and explore vast continents to find hidden artefacts. During the gameplay, the players have to fight with lots of massive beasts and utilize their skills to overcome them. The players need to equip their character with lots of powerful items and different weapons and upgrade them to increase their power.

It offers lots of character customization features that allow the player to customize his selected character. Moreover, the player can team up with other players to go through the gloomy world. The game offers a lot of amazing features, such as Fantasy, an Excellent Soundtrack, Brilliant Graphics, and Superb Mechanics.


6. Implosion – Never Lose Hope

Implosion – Never Lose Hope published and developed by G-MAX is an Action-RPG, Indie, and Single-player video game. At the beginning of the game, the player takes the role of the protagonist and starts the journey of succeeding in the game. The player has to take the role of a young man and goes through the journey of finding his missing father. The player can choose different missions and complete them. While in the game, the player can choose to go for the adventure and attempt to survive in the cruel world.


7. Bulletstorm

Bulletstorm is an action game with first-person shooter elements. The player controls Grayson Hunt, a mercenary who travels the world with a band of fellow mercenaries. A video game with countless similarities to the Doom series, but with a twist. The gameplay consists of shooting enemies, with the exception of the first level, where you have to stab them to finish them off. The game has an interesting premise: a society ruled by two superpowers, a totalitarian state and a rebel movement.

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8. Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia; The Sands of Time is a video game that was developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. The game is the third instalment in the Prince of Persia series. The game features a more open world than its predecessor Two Swords. The story begins after the events of the previous game. The player assumes the role of the prince of Persia who has to save his homeland from the attack of the evil Vizier. The game takes place in the deserts of Persia and the player is able to use his powers of the Sands of Time to manipulate the environment in his favour.


9. Dragon’s Dogma

Dragon’s Dogma is a hack-and-slash game developed by Capcom. The game tells the story of a young man named Dogma, who comes to the village of Dungeone to claim his inheritance. He soon discovers that the village is under attack by creatures called the Gransys. He is forced to join a group of adventurers to cleanse the land. This is a great game like Grimvalor if you like outstanding gameplay.


10. UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune

The game is set in an open-world environment and allows the player to explore a variety of unexplored regions and to freely wander in this world as an adventurer. This game is an expansion of the first part of the UNCHARTED series and is also the second game in the series. This game is an alternative or replacement to Grimvalor since it is far more better than Grimvalor.

The player can choose from four different protagonists: Nathan Drake, Chloe Frazer, Sully and Elena Fisher. Besides the four playable characters, there are also a few NPCs,

Feel free to check out the above similar games like Grimvalor and enjoy the would of hack and slash gaming.

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