Types of Bonuses Players from South Africa Can Enjoy While Playing

Bonuses Players from SA Can Enjoy While Gaming

A casino bonus is a free money offered to new and old players. Bonuses come in different forms and sizes these days, from deposit bonuses to loyalty and random rewards.

If you’ve just started gambling on casino websites in SA, you should understand the different types of bonuses. Then you can use them to play free games, have more fun, and increase your chances of winning.

Types of Bonuses Players from South Africa Can Enjoy While Playing 1

Here is a brief guide to casino bonuses and the various types you will come across in many SA casinos.


How Do Casino Bonuses Work?

Today, every online casino offers bonuses to new and old gamblers. This is the only way they can compete effectively with other casinos. However, each casino has its terms and conditions for each bonus. So you need to do your research and find out what the wagering requirements are.

To simplify the research process, you can check expert reviews sites like onlinegamblingsa.co.za. You will see the type of bonuses that different SA casinos offer their players.

Some casinos want players to roll the earnings from their bonuses over several times before they withdraw. Others give a specific time frame for the bonuses to be used after activation. So, always take time to study the terms attached to each bonus you receive.

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Types of SA Casino Bonuses

What follows is a brief explanation of the popular types of bonuses you will find on many South African online casinos.


1. Welcome Bonuses

Virtually all casinos now offer a welcome bonus. It is the first bonus you receive after signing up. Usually, the casino deposits the welcome bonus into your account after you make your first deposit.

The least you can expect is a 100% bonus as long as you deposit the minimum amount required into your account. Bear in mind that some welcome bonuses must be used within a specified number of days or weeks.


2. No Deposit Bonuses

To beat competitors, casinos now offer a “no-deposit” bonus. That means as soon as you register, you get some free money to play games.

These deposits are small amounts of money paid into your account to encourage you to start playing immediately. You should use these bonuses to learn how to play new games.  In some casinos, even if you win any game with the bonus, you will still have to make a real money deposit and play with it before you can cash out your earnings.


3. Deposit Bonuses

For each deposit you make into your account, you will receive a percentage of it as a reward. It is a “thank you” gift for putting real money into your casino account.

Deposit bonuses have rules attached to them. These rules usually dictate the length of time you will be allowed to use the bonus or cash out earnings from it. A sticky bonus, for instance, will have a relatively long time before it expires. A non-sticky bonus, on the other hand, may expire within 24 to 48 hours.

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4. Referral Bonuses

Referrals bring in more players to a casino. These new players may sign up and eventually play with real cash. So, smart casino operators will reward you for referring your friends, fans, and family members to the casino.

As soon as anyone you referred makes a deposit, a percentage of it comes into your account. Some casinos also call these bonuses “sign up” bonuses.

So, if you want to make money from a casino without playing games, this is a good way to do so. Simply send your referral link to your fans and friends on your social media accounts and you will be rewarded when they sign up.


5. Free Spins

A free spin is what its name implies: a bonus that allows you to enjoy a specified number of free spins. You can use this bonus to play any game with a spinning reel and win real money.

One major benefit of getting a free spin is the privilege of free practice. You can use these free spins to train yourself to play live casino games without the fear of losing real money.


6. Reward Multipliers

Reward multipliers are seasonal promotions used to promote new games. These bonuses allow you to earn abnormally high winnings for a short time.

Small multipliers can double or triple your winnings while large multipliers can raise them by a factor of 100. If you are feeling lucky, look out for slots with multipliers. Winning such games could give you a massive reward.


7. Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty bonuses are rewards for consistent players. Usually, you will qualify for these rewards after your total expense on betting hits a particular milestone.

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Some casinos have loyalty programs that offer rewards per game while others give a reward on the total amount spent playing. Some loyalty rewards also come if you spend more than a specified amount within a month. Your loyalty reward can come as convertible loyalty points, free spins, or bonus coins.

Those are some of the bonuses you can expect while playing at online casinos in S.A. Take advantage of welcome and no-deposit bonuses when you register at a new casino. Then stay on long enough to enjoy different types of loyalty rewards.

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