Top best Games like GTA

Top alternative Games like GTA

Some games are like GTA are like magnets for controversy. They’re the ones that everyone talks about, whether it’s good or bad. Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto series is one of those games. Since its first release in 1997, the GTA series has been constantly in the news, with everyone from politicians to religious groups weighing in on its violence and adult content. But the game is not bad at all.

Games like GTA

Critics say that the GTA series glamorizes violence and criminal behaviour, while some say its just a game and there is really nothing wrong with the storylines. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, there’s no denying that games like GTA are certainly a way to kill boredom.

For those who want to explore some more games that are similar to GTA, there is good news. We will be sharing the top best GTA alternatives you can opt for if you are tired of the game or you simply want to try out other open-world games like GTA.

Similar games like GTA

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10 Best similar Games like GTA


1. Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 moves past the NPC problem faced in the first entry to a game that’s truly about its characters. This is one of the perfect alternatives for the GTA series since they share many similarities. The way in which you can alter the world around you, taking control not only the characters of the game but of swift high-tech cars. And you’re given so many ways to make your mark on the city, you could be Mayor for a day and never get bored.


2. Mafia III

This game will get you glued to your display screen, instead of waiting around in the game you should rush between missions and collect as much stuff as you can. The story has everything good, unchallenged. Don’t blame violence or the repetition of side missions if you enjoyed this game. You couldn’t have played this game if you had too much hate in your heart.

This game has exceptional art design and unique voice acting. Since this game is more about interpersonal relationships instead of the typical characters, you will find a lot of similarities with the GTA service and other games like GTA on this list.

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3. Sleeping Dogs

There are 3D and HD-era GTA games set in the United States. It’s okay, but Sleeping Dogs takes a new game process to a fresh location: Hong Kong. There aren’t many games set in Hong Kong, I never played any similar game like GTA with a Hong Kong setting before Sleeping Dogs. That’s because Sleeping Dogs is just better than all the other GTA-like clones.

In this game, fighting with your fists is an active role in almost every chapter. Unlike guns, we don’t have them in Hong Kong so you have to learn some tricks like using the environment to your advantage. Gannons are rare in this game like in real Hong Kong. The advantages of Hong Kong are always there while the disadvantages are rare. It’s a shame we don’t have them in GTA V.

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4. Just Cause 4

Extraordinary chaos is at the root of Just Cause 4, which gives the player a crazy amount of control.  Having a grappling hook on hand is a must. In the event of a huge tornado lifting cars into the air, it is possible to paddle on them. GTA 5’s gameplay physics may have entertained you, but wait until you see what The Republic of Medici has to offer. Even though Just Cause 4 lacks Rockstar’s usual elegance and polish, it shines at (literally) orchestrating mayhem on a massive scale with its basically sky-high perspective.


5. Payday 2

If you like Grand Theft Auto 4’s infamous “Three Leaf Clover” mission or Grand Theft Auto 5’s heists, Payday 2 is sure to suit your tastes. Payday 2 on PC is different from the first game and different from a third-person point-and-click game such as Sam & Max. The focuses are more in group systems or multiplayer. It’s even more like Grand Theft Auto Online, but without those loading times. This is sure a great GTA alternative.

The focus of the game is to play as three friends who help out a bank robber who robbed the bank in the first payday. The goal of the robbers is to break into banks and rob the banks, break into houses and rob the houses, and engage police in underground urban training that simulates shooting police. This game is available for PC and several consoles including;PS4, PS5, Xbox One and many more

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6. Metal Gear Solid V

For a lot of people, the game is the perfect game like GTA. It was long time developer Hiroya Usuda’s last game under SolidWorks Corporation. As half of what it has in the game, it has a lot of mediocre sequels divided between various sections. The story of Metal Gear has always been wild and crazy but this widely beloved, yet troubled game makes quite a statement. Even with a performance that is really not comparable to the GTA series.


7. Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2’s world is much bigger than a city, but it’s alive, with natural herds of wild mustangs all over the landscape that you can ride. It would be imprudent to call this “grand theft cowboy”, but it’s worth checking out if you’re a GTA sort of person. You can also play this one on a wide varieties of consoles including PC and Playstation consoles


8. Yakuza 0

In Grand Theft Auto IV, the city of Liberty City is entirely simulated. GTA V takes that basic design philosophy and adds a handful of expected side activities like tennis, yoga, stock brokering and more. Yakuza 0 takes this basic design and differentiates itself by adding hundreds of sideways to play, from karaoke, pool, arcades-circus, wrestling-bowling, and beyond!. This is indeed a breakthrough from Sega who developed the game. The game is also available on PC, PS4 and others


9. Mad Max

Max Payne‘s absence from the October 2012 launch is unfortunate. However, except for the campaign mode, his career as Max Payne didn‘t end in the previous instalment. Fortunately, Max Valerie is a likeable character, and a compelling story is presented perfectly. The open-world experience is reminiscent of classic games in the Max Payne franchise as you explore the city in the shadow of iconic American cities.

The auto-running mode is a fantastic addition to the game, and you‘re able to play on a deeper level.  You will have a lot of fun exploring this piece. PC, PS4, Xbox One are some of the consoles that currently has the game.

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10. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands

This is yet one perfect replacement game like GTA. A squad-based tactical shooter in the third person from Ubisoft seems odd to include in this list, but hear me out. Instead of normal level-based shooters, Wildlands is a strategy action game set in an expansive open universe. However, you can now ride a motorcycle through the mountains and have a comrade crash into you in the sky with a stolen helicopter as well as the usual stealthy and military technology that the series is known for.

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