VMware Solutions for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

VMware Solutions for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Achieving business continuity is the objective of all small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). In today’s fast-growing technology world, they face the unique challenge of ensuring high application availability and managing an increasingly complex IT infrastructure, all with a shoestring budget. Over that, their end-users expect greater flexibility and access to a wide variety of resources from multiple devices, thus making the situation all the more challenging.

VMware Solutions for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises 1

If you are also a business owner looking for an adept solution for your business needs, you are at the right place! Azure VMware solution is the most reliable and inexpensive networking and security solution that provides consistent connectivity and security for your applications and data, no matter wherever they are located.

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VMware solutions- The definition

VMware is a virtualisation and cloud computing software solution that offers desktop and server virtualisation services to businesses. It enables you to keep your business running with business continuity protection and improve productivity by enabling end-users to access their applications from any device.

The main aim of VMware is to keep your IT management secure and straightforward and help you save time and money. Moreover, it offers customised solutions depending on your resource availabilities and the needs of your small-midsize IT environment.


Why are SMBs opting for an Azure VMware solution?

It is a logical next step for many businesses to graduate from their traditional server environment to a fully managed private virtual cloud. Indeed, virtualisation offers numerous benefits for businesses, including reduced IT costs, a major constraint for small and medium-sized enterprises. Plus, it helps them get the most out of their investment in scheduling, partitioning and flexibility.

This makes VMware ideal for companies looking for ways to optimise their infrastructure spending and performance but can’t afford to dedicate an in-house team in cloud infrastructure management, and neither have the expertise to do that. This article further explains the benefits of utilising VMware technology across businesses, so continue reading!

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Benefits of using VMware technology

1. Improves efficiency

VMware is designed to enable businesses to manage their resources efficiently and spread their workload across a range of different servers by leveraging the virtualisation element. There is no denying that virtualisation improves the application performance and efficiency of the users. Additionally, the provisioning of virtual machines takes only a few minutes, unlike traditional approaches that take more than a week.


2. Improves application availability

VMware allows you to run more applications using lesser physical servers. Moreover, when a physical server faces problems, it requires regular upgrades or routine maintenance, which is undoubtedly a cumbersome and costly affair.

But when you are on a VMware server, such things can be managed with greater ease without even interrupting your everyday application usage. Over that, virtual machines enable you to identify the problems and troubleshoot swiftly.


3. Redeployment and reduction of machines

Many enterprises are still operating old x86 hardware that is underutilised. Reason- for these companies getting their own data centre space is an expensive task to do. However, with VMware’s workload consolidation feature, these businesses can eliminate or repurpose such redundant physical servers at remote locations.

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4. Improves security

As compared to traditional physical servers using VMware is much safer. It offers end-to-end security to its users. Even if an issue occurs or a problem arises, it allows you to switch to another VM without affecting the functioning of your systems.


5. Reduces capital and operational costs

A highly compelling reason most small and medium-sized businesses embrace Azure VMware solution- is its positive effect on the bottom line. VMware server is a solution for savings in multiple areas- data centre floor space, management time, energy usage, and new equipment expenditure due to virtualisation properties.

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