Top 5 WordPress Themes To Start A Blog

Blogging in recent times has turned out to be a way of earning. Through blogging an individual would be able to successfully vindicate their ideas to the general public. Blogging adheres to the rules and regulations of SEO. Blogging acts to expand the brand’s visibility.

On the other hand, the Blogger selects a theme from WordPress and goes on with writing the blogs. You can download WordPress from the pirates bay. So, find it all here.  There are hundreds of such WordPress Themes available but we would be selecting the best five themes on which blogs are designed.

Starting a blog

WordPress And Role Of WordPress Themes

WordPress is an open-sourced Content Management System that allows for hosting and building websites.  There are Plugin Architecture and Template Systems with WordPress. This allows customization of any website to fit business blogs and others.

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WordPress Themes on the other hand is a group of files containing Graphics, Codes, and Style sheets. This would act to dictate the overall appearance of the blogs or websites.

Themes not only work towards the look and feel of the blog but also acts to control the presentation of your site. The theme selected for writing blogs must adhere to the content of the blog and what the bloggers want to write.

Suppose the content of the blog is about sports. The theme could be like a green field and related pictures. This acts to present the look, feel, and presentation of the site.

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Creating A WordPress Blog

Do you want to create a WordPress Blog? Creating a WordPress Blog is an effective way to start writing a blog. Writing a blog on WordPress takes some easy steps:

The first step is singing top of web hosting
Then you will have to pick a domain for your Blog.
You will then need to install free WordPress blog software.
Then you will need to change the entire design of the blog by picking up the theme
Thereafter you will have to install plugins.
Lastly, you will have to market your blog so that your words reach the readers or your product gets to the prospective buyers.


Top 5 WordPress Themes To Start A Blog

There are numerous themes that are available on WordPress.These themes have their own features. Five are selected for your convenience.

1. Thrive, Theme builder

This is an extremely effective theme that combines powerful theme options with page thrive architecture.  Simply put, in a thriving theme builder you could customize key theme elements like 404 search. The theme is extremely beneficial for the new blogger as well as the experienced ones.  There are strong and multifarious themes wherefrom the blogger chooses essential themes.

Here the Blogger will be able to customize from the ground up without using the codes. This makes Thrive Theme Builder unique and the best in the business.

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2.  Newspaper

We have kept it in the number 2 position. The most loved word press blog themes are deemed extremely beneficial for bloggers. This is highly Flexible, Powerful, and stunning in its outlook. The theme is so shiny the professionalism will radiate from your overall work.

Numerous Product Reviews, business pages, and news sites have used the theme iteratively with success.


3. Elementor

Elementor is much more than a WordPress theme. This works as a powerful all-inclusive tool that acts to protect the cities and give a professional design. The end product turns out to be highly appreciative and enhances the experiences of the visitors. Eliminators are used by bloggers, companies and it is deemed to elevate an individual from a mere follower to a leader.


4. Astra

Our fourth on the list is Astra. Astra is an exceptionally capable Theme to start a blog. The theme works with Ginger but many of its professional blogging templates get reserved for building plugins. Astra has an added feature called advanced theme options. You could customize everything without a code. This includes Topography, headers option, and more.

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5. Grenade Press

This comes 5 on our list. Grenade Press is a Multipurpose WordPress theme that is capable of building a variety of websites. This is also one of the most effective themes for the one who is starting to write their own themes. This theme is also among the ones that are most customized.



WordPress themes are highly effective and flexible and it provides the blogger with a variety of options. These themes have the innate capacity to control the blog and determine the look and feel of the blog or site. All the themes mentioned above have exclusive features. Therefore it is up to you to select from the 5. So select one and start blogging!!

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