How to recover Facebook account from hackers

Recover hacked Facebook account from hacker

Have you been a victim of Facebook hack and you have lost your owner access to your own Facebook account?
Well, you don’t have to sit and start crying or regretting your action as your chance of getting it back from the hacker depends on how fast you act.
Facebook hack has now become a trend as most fraudsters use their victims account to dupe friends of their victim and in which in most times, it lands the victim in trouble.


If you do not act fast your identity can be used for various criminal acts if measures are not taken which can affect you, your family or even your friends.
It can be annoying to see you can no longer login into your Facebook account and the number of hacked accounts is on the rise day by day, however, the cause can be carelessness, theft of your device, or Facebook firewall. Although, Facebook developers have done some security checks to keep you safe from these hackers but it depends on how you help Facebook protect your account.
So in today’s article, we will guide you through how to keep your account secured from hackers and the essential steps you need to take in order to recover your Facebook account from hackers.

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How to secure your Facebook account from hacker

From a little research I did, I worked on Three hacked accounts and I was able to retrieve only one and the success of the account retrieval from the hacker was based on the below

1. Connect your account to your email account

To repel attacks from hackers on your Facebook account, you need to connect your FB account to your personal E-mail account and secure the email password which must be known only to yourself.

To connect your Facebook account to your email, simply login into Facebook from a browser.

Provide your details to log in and scroll down to the setting and privacy at the base of the interface then simply tap on it.

On the next screen, click on the personal Information setting to edit your details.

You will be requested to provide your password to be able to apply any changes made, simply input your password and hit the continue button.

On the next page, you will see your details and you will see your E-mail section is blank, simply add your Email address. Save the settings and a confirmation message will be sent to your email.

Login to your email on a new tab to fetch the confirmation message. Look for a message from Facebook from your Inbox, open the message and copy the code there.

Paste the code from the mail into Facebook where the confirmation code is required.
With this, you will be notified of login attempts when a hacker tries to access your FB account.
In addition, if by chance your account got hacked, you can simply log in to your Facebook and reset your password and also change the password to a new one.

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2. Add your phone number

In addition to your email, you should also add your phone number as this can also help when your email gets hacked with the Facebook as we have seen situations where the Facebook account and the email are hacked. So to increase your chance of retrieving your account from a hacker then, you might want to consider putting your phone number.
To add your phone number follow the same step as the one for email up to where you edit the blank email but here you will have to input your phone number as well.
Your phone number can also save you when your account gets hacked.

3. Avoid signing up on websites with Facebook profile

Lots of hacked accounts come from when you carelessly sign up on websites. So to be safe use other means to sign up especially on sites you don’t trust as this will save you from bad eyes.

When you sign up with your Facebook profile, your private information will be stored on the database of that site, Scammers and Hackers can easily use them to hack you. Especially earning apps that pay you to do certain things. About 45% of accounts hacked were hacked this way.

4. Keep your Password safe

To be safe, use a password that can be hard to guess for example Tom88qQe@! that can be hard to guess or even comprehend at a glance by someone who is peeping at you while typing it.
Although, you also need to use a password you can remember always.
Avoid using passwords that can be guessed by your friends such as your name or date of birth. I have seen situations where people use a combination of their name and date of birth as passwords and if you have smart people who want to hack you then you are gone.

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However, if all this are new to you and you already fell a victim and you landed on this page to retrieve your account then, follow the below break your account loose from bad hands.

How to Recover Your Facebook Account from Hackers

If you really want to restore Your Facebook Account After been hacked, below is a quick and simple solution that can help you kick those hackers out, it worked for so many so it may work for you if you have put some of the security measures we described above or if you are fast enough.
If it does not work for you Just drop your comment in the comment section below to see if there is a way we can further help you. But try the below steps first.

  1. Open on a Browser
  2.  Click forgotten Password
  3. Insert your phone number or choose the email address option that you connected to your account. and click search.
  4. Once Your account is found either your name has been changed or not just proceed as you can change the account name later
  5. Select how you wish to reset the code from the option.
  6. Get the code on your email or phone number
  7.  Provide it and your account is back to you.

Now that you have recovered your account, remember to keep it safe by using a good password and other guidelines we mentioned in this article.

That is how we have it, hope this post was helpful to you, please let us know by using the Comment box and also share with your friends.

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