What Role Does AI Play In Our Daily Lives?

What Role Does AI Play In Our Daily Lives?

We live in a world where AI is no longer only a technology; it is increasingly becoming a part of our daily life. AI technologies are fully embedded in our lives and all our daily tasks are based on AI applications. Every day, we are experiencing a fresh advancement in technologies of Artificial Intelligence(AI). From opening our phones using face recognition to getting directions and recommendations from various apps, we rely on AI technologies. The world is full of opportunities for AI,  step up and advance your career with the Artificial Intelligence Online Course. Through this blog, you will understand what role exactly AI plays in our daily lives.


Technology is changing the way people live and interact with the world, and it isn’t going away anytime soon. Artificial Intelligence, in particular, has risen to prominence across the board and made a significant impact on our daily lives. There are various fascinating applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in our daily lives. Whether we’re receiving recommendations for movies, music, or any online shopping or getting driving directions, or even chatbots, AI can help us in every aspect of our life. Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we make decisions and live our lives. In the future years, there will be many more developments in AI that will reshape the way the world works. So there will be a vast opening for a data scientist who has been certified in a Data Scientist Course such as AI, deep learning, etc. Now Let’s take a look at the major applications of Artificial Intelligence that we deal with every day are mentioned below.

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E-Commerce is the most popular aspect where AI is being used vividly. The eCommerce industries are adopting AI technologies to find their target market audience. AI plays a role in digital assistant technology, web searches, and social media advertising, which are all major components of online shopping. You may have seen that we receive similar product recommendations when we search for a product or keep it in a cart. That’s because of AI. And do you know how AI is recommending these products – because of data. Yes, AI works on data and it predicts based on previous knowledge. It works according to our interests. For example, if we searched for a product on google and saw some of the online shopping platforms. Then AI automatically understands our interests and recommends accordingly. Data Science and AI are interlinked to each other. Data helps AI and AI helps in data preparation and analysis. Learn more about Data Science and how it works with the Best Online Data Science Courses.


Voice Assistants

Digital voice assistants are gradually becoming a part of our life. Whether it is Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri, all work on AI to identify and respond to spoken instructions. These assistants could perform online searches, send reminders, and play songs. The Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) system is used in these voice assistant applications. They use natural language processing and generators driven by AI to return answers to you. Voice-to-text technology has also become popular for basic conversation.



Another area where we apply AI unknowingly is during navigation, AI helps in reviewing real-time conditions and providing the best route direction to help the driver avoid traffic and other road hazards. We use voice search for a route which is AI and we get the best directions for our journey that’s also because of AI.

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Social Media

Social media sites collect an infinite amount of data on a regular basis. Artificial Intelligence can sort, examine, and even utilize this data. It has the ability to automate a number of time-consuming social media management chores. It can even monitor social media on a large scale. AI provides the best advantage for the people who rely on social media for marketing. It has the ability to change the way companies market their products on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you see a targeted ad on Facebook or any other platform for a product you’ve been Googling, It’s possible that it was created by AI.


Smart Home Appliances

Now the technology is taking another level to smart homes. Where we just give the instructions and the work done. Smart locks, smart alarms, and even surveillance are based on AI. and Also there are many smart appliances that work according to the user. For example, When the door is locked from the outside, the lights are turned down, the robotic vacuum is run in the owner’s absence, and the air purifier is turned on before the owner arrives home. All these smart home appliances work on Artificial Intelligence.

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