Glo Http Injector config file for April 2020

GLO free internet trick with Http Injector

We are here to deliver yet another free internet cheat using Glo but today we will be using a VPN app called Http Injector.
To browse for free this April 2020 all you need is to follow the guidelines in this article to download the Http injector config file for Glo and follow the steps to activate it.
Glo http injector config file
We know it is kind of hard to stay online during this covid-19 lock-down since business are shutdown, but if you want to stay online and browse the internet, download movies and games, to kill the boredom or play online games all for free, then you might want to read this article.
To use this free browsing cheat, you must have a Glo New Yakata and if not already on the Yakata plan, we will guide you through on how to do that pretty soon.

Requirement for Glo free internet using Http Injector

  • An Android device
  • Glo sim card
  • Http Injector
  • Glo Ehi config file

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How to activate GLO free internet on Http injector

  • Download and install latest Http injector from here
  • Get a new Glo sim which has Glo NEW Yakata since this is a plan that comes with every new Glo sim, but if you have not changed your plan since you bought the sim then you don’t need a new sim.
  • You can confirm if you are on Glo NEW Yakata plan by dialing #100#. There is no migration code for this plan, so if the pop up message says you are not on GLO Yakata, simply opt for a new sim.
  • Recharge your Glo link with N200 and you should be gifted 200MB

Here is the plan, Http injector need a small data to power the app, which explains the need for the N200 airtime recharge which give you 200MB, you should also note that your N200 and the 200MB will not be deducted since the data is only meant to power the app.
You will now be able to do unlimited browsing with the VPN app.

Once you are through with the above, follow how to import the Glo Ehi configuration file and the settings below.

How to import Glo Http Injector Ehi config file for 2020

• You must have downloaded the latest Http Injector if not download it from the section above.
• Download Glo config file from below;

Note that all the configuration files expires by 5th of May 2020

• Once you have downloaded the Ehi config file, import one of the file.
• Go to your main Menu and launch Http Injector app
• Locate and click on the icon that looks like a file with a fold edge at the right top corner of the interface to import the downloaded Glo ehi file.
• Locate the configuration file you downloaded (should probably be in your Download Folder)
• Import it and hit the connect button.
• Wait for some seconds and you should see connected.

You can now start your unlimited free internet using Glo and Http injector VPN

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  1. I’m just seeing this post and I think the file expires today.. pls update the configuration file

    1. We are working on it, check this article frequently as we will update this post once we have a new working config file

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