9mobile free browsing cheat | TLS Tunnel VPN 2020

Activate 9mobile 2.5GB cheat using TLS Tunnel config file

We can say this Free browsing cheat is a new year gift for us and today we are here with 9mobile browsing trick using TLS tunnel vpn app this year 2020.
So today we are here with the method on how to activate the free 2.5GB social pack using the app.

This is a trick that requires you doing a little subscription to power the app and enjoy the unlimited free browsing.
For newbies who are just entering the free browsing world, you may find it a little stressful to set up on other sites but but here at Demogist, we will guide you through on how to set up the 9mobile cheat without any form of stress that even a dummy will read and understand easily.

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The best part of this TLS Tunnel cheat is, it is fast and you can use it for anything ranging from internet surfing, chatting, downloading and even online gaming. However, as we said earlier you will need a token to subscribe for 9mobile social pack, so read the article to the end to be able to get every hint of the article and activate your 2.5GB using the config file we will release for download in this article.
Enough of the introduction, lets go into the real thing.

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  • An Android device
  • A 9mobile sim
  • TLS Tunnel app (Download link below)
  • N350 worth of airtime
  • TLS config file


How to download and Install TLS tunnel and 9mobile config file

Download TLS Tunnel VPN from here
Download 9mobile TLS 2GB config file and 500MB config file
Next is to subscribe for the 9mobile social pack using N350
Dial *200*3*3*2*3# to subscribe for social media monthly bundle.
Dial *228# to check your 500MB.
After the above steps read below to import the config file

How to import 9mobile 2.5GB TLS configuration file

To activate the 2.5GB free browsing cheat cheat on 9mobile, follow the below process to import the config file and start your browsing.

  1. Install and launch TLS tunnel app
  2. On the main interface, click the three dot at the top right corner of your device screen.
  3. Click on the import config file option
  4. Search for the config files you downloaded and select it (should be in the download folder by default)
  5. Finally, hit the connect button to start start the app
  6. You should see the connected notification within seconds
  7. You may then launch any browser of your choice and start your free browsing.

You should now be able to activate your browsing trick and start your download, surfing or gaming.
However, you should understand that this cheat is capped at 2.5GB and it is only for a month. You can also do the sub again once you exhaust the 2.5gb using the steps above.

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