Thursday, 25 July 2019

Vodafone Free browsing trick | TunnelCat VPN 2019

    Free browsing cheat for Ghana via TunnelCat VPN

    With Demogist you get your free browsing cheat with zero stress, today I am here with TunnelCat VPN or Tunnel Cat as some will like to call it. However, this works for people who are in Ghana and you will need a Vodafone sim card to pull off this trick, so go get ready to start your unlimited browsing. But before we jump into how to activate this free browsing trick, you need to know what TunnelCat is all about.

    What is Tunnel cat VPN?
    TunnelCat or Tunnel Cat VPN is an app just like other VPN apps that allows you to browse on a secure connection, also helps you browse anonymously and keeps you and your data safe from people who may try to steal your identity, it is also used for various free browsing tweaking which we are going to talk about today.
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    Requirement for the cheat
    • Vodafone Sim card
    • TunnelCat VPN app
    • Your android device
    • Good internet connection

    App details
    • App name: TunnelCat VPN
    • App type: Apk
    • Supported version: Android OS Version 4.2+
    • App download size: 15MB
    • Developer: lfasmpao

    How to activate unlimited free browsing on Vodafone via TunnelCat

    • Download and Install TunnelCat app from here
    • Launch the app.
    • Go on to setting
    • Navigate to Import/Export Payload and then tap on Reset.
    • Still in setting, navigate to Payload Configuration, input the following settings
    • Tunneling Method: DNS
    • Host/URL: or
    • Use System DNS: Check ✔  it 

    • Select Generate payload
    Move to your right and click on the book icon
     • Select your preferred server from there
    • After that, click on the human icon and then tap on the blue icon in the middle and wait for it to connect
    • Once the icon turns green, you are good to go.

    So you can start your unlmited free browsing all with no cedi, so Ghanians hurry up while this cheat lasts this July 2019, you can use this for your heavy download and and internet surfing.
    Have any question or feedback? Drop them in the comment box below.
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