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Smartphones and the service plan you need

Sometimes one need to think well before selecting a phone service as there are different types which also have their own ups and downs.
However, choosing the right cell phone plan for your family can seem frustrating. Not only are there too many carriers to choose from, but each service provider offers diverse plans for individual needs. The bottom line is, finding the best cell phone plan does not have to be a dilemma. A comparison tool courtesy of "MoneyTalkNews" does all the work for you in a quick and easy fashion.
Select according to your needs: The first action to take is to pick the main things you are looking for in a cell phone plan. Things that you are looking for may include:

1) The quantity of lines you need
2) How much talk, text, and data you need
3) Which type of network you need
4) Whether or not you want a new phone
Don't worry, you don't need to know the answer to these things right now if you are unsure about what you want.
On average, according to "NyTimes, a family of 3 will consume about 10 gigabytes a month. I tell you this because it may be a good decision to get an unlimited family plan. Typically, family plans range to roughly $200 dollars. Some cell phone service providers reduce monthly payments for families who enroll in automatic payments.
After you find a list of family plans that you like, the hard part comes when you must decipher which is the best fit for your family. Some questions to ask yourself are:

1) Which carrier has the best coverage?
2) What is the cost difference between a limited plan and unlimited plan?
3) Are there any special promotions on those family plans?
Unlimited vs Limited:
You may find that providers these days provide unlimited plans for the same price as
limited plans from other service providers. If we take a look at the family plans that are currently available, we will notice that most carriers provide four lines with 9GB for roughly $150 dollars a month.

How much Data does your family need?
If you are unsure about how much data will be enough, I recommend that you get a family plan with about 12GB of data. I caution you however, if your family uses more than the data that is in your plan per month, your data speeds will drop dramatically. In addition, most carriers charge for every bit of data that you go over in your plan so make sure you monitor your data usage on a weekly basis.
According to various analysis gathered selection requires research and selection should be according to the need of the family. So consulting the family should be part of the fan.
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