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Getting to known the benefits of tablet pc

Benefits of tablet pc

The Basic Definition of Tablet PCs
A Tablet PCs, can be pronounce in simple words as "portable computer" which are common in the market for  the last ten years. This tablet PC was firstly design by big company we all known as Microsoft, the portable computer known as tablet pc is embedded with a full screen touch display, input keyboard, on screen keyboard, a combination of different software, and the  basic laptop functions such as wireless internet, word processing, and gaming, the above embedded make portable computer designed for highly personal individual use. The most common tablet PCs on the market today include everything from the HP Touchsmart to the Apple iPad, as each tablet computer is optimized for different needs and custom usability. Therefore, while these personal computers are certainly not built for high-powered usage, they are ultimately the most portable computer that you will find, which explains why tablet PCs themselves are so popular among traveling professionals and average people on-the-go alike.

Since the first release of the iPad in 2010, many people have been asking what the real benefit of a tablet Pc could be. Considering we already have laptops which give us portable computing, and we have powerful desktop PCs which can perform pretty much any task we ask of them, AND many of us have smartphones that also bring us mobile web browsing and email - on top of all that, what could a tablet PC bring to the table?

Below are 6 benefit and function of Tablet Pc over computer

1) They're Quick.

When it comes to quickly looking someone up on the internet, or showing your photos to friends or family, a tablet's main benefit is that it is much, much quicker to load up than a laptop or desktop. On the flip side of this, the apps themselves may not always run as quickly as a desktop application would, but the pure speed of loading the tablet PC — literally less than two seconds if it's in standby — make it a huge time-saving convenience.
2) They're Compact.
Given the size of a tablet, it packs a heck of a lot of computing power into a tiny space. Not just this, but consider the size and weight of a tablet PC compared to a laptop, and in any situation where you have limited elbow room or are on the move, a tablet PC has a massive advantage. Commuters have grown to favor tablets over laptops for this very reason: they are easy to use with comfort in the confined space of a train or plane seat, and they are far more comfortable to carry around all day, and can be stored in a handbag or briefcase instead of a bulky laptop bag.

3) They're Ideal for Presentations and Meetings.

Tablet PCs are now becoming a commonplace sight in meetings and business presentations. Tablets are completely flat and small enough that they won't be obtrusive when connecting with your audience. You can also easily make notes using a stylus using one of the many apps which will allow you to search and sort your handwritten notes. Which brings me to...

4) You Can Use Your Tablet PC to Write and Draw on the Screen

This is a huge bonus for anyone into art or sketching, in addition to the note-taking capabilities. The main benefit of a tablet PC vs. a desktop PC regarding this is that the tablet will come with this built in to the hardware, whereas to achieve the same thing with a regular computer requires buying extra components and software.

5) They Give Gamers a New Way to Play

Gaming is changing overnight due to the increasing popularity of gaming via a tablet. Developers are bringing advanced but inexpensive games to the App Store and Android Market every day, and new features are thought up all the time. But the biggest advantage to gaming on a tablet is that it can go everywhere you do — so you can play your game during lunch break, while waiting in a supermarket queue, or in the park — pluses you can let your friends play too!

6) They Replace a Multitude of Items

Once you've got a tablet, suddenly there's no need to carry around a significant amount of physical stuff: books, notepads, pens, paper, address book, to-do list, etc. You can do all this and much more with your tablet PC, saving you tremendous space and weight in your bag or pocket.

Clearly, there is no single main benefit of a tablet PC - there are a lot! It really depends on what you personally want to use your tablet PC for but there is little doubt that the Tablet computer has brought many benefits and features to many people's lives since it first broke onto the scene.

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