Free browsing cheat丨24clan VPN for December 2019

MTN Free Browsing cheat using 24Clan Pro VPN

Looking for free browsing cheat? Well, we have got one right here for you, 24clan vpn pro app have made it possible for MTN, GLO, AIRTEL and 9MOBILE users to utilize this free cheat. However this is an updated post since the cheat is now back fully loaded.

Although, not everyone understand or know how VPN apps works and operate. Some users may find it difficult to setup or use their VPN for free browsing cheats. However, you don,t have to panic, we will break everything down in a way you will understand that even a dummy will get everything right without breaking a sweat.

24clan VPN just like in the green version in December 2019 allows anyone browse the internet for free on any network by just clicking a button.
Don’t be confused as there are two 24clan which are the PRO and the Green version both works perfectly, however this article is for the Pro Version.
For quick navigation to the green Edition the link is just right below.
You can also read about the new 24Clan Green VPN as it also works greatly with new update and more tweaks

This app is a Pro version and it already have most of the browsing settings you might need, configured for you so you don’t have to do it yourself, so sit back and follow the steps to start using this free browsing cheat on your MTN, GLO, AIRTEL and 9Mobile lines.

This assist in eliminating errors when setting up this browsing cheats. And it also makes it easy for those who have little or no experience in setting up the browsing tricks to also browse free on their device in no time.

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It has both a custom setting option and import tweaking options. Similar to that of Tweakware app, just so that users can also setup their own custom free browsing cheats in this December 2019. 24clan vpn can also be used as a regular app by Setting the option under the server to none.

How to setup 24clan free browsing cheat

Follow the steps below then you should be okay.
    • You need to download the apk app from here as it no longer available on plays store.
    • Install and open the app and click on the none button under the server.
    • Connect and it should connect immediately
    • To speed up setup, install the configuration file by following this link and click on the connect button. The config does not have an expiry date, so hurry and start browsing for free.
    • To import click on settings at the upper left, Choose import the tweak
  • Go back to the main screen and import
  • Then import the file and choose any free server and finally connect.

It the actual sense it takes less than 30 seconds for this app to connect. As you may have noticed, when you clicked on the “none” button under the server.
You may have seen other options like the MTN Ghana free browsing cheats or the 9mobile 2GB for N700.
You can select any of these options. All you need at this junction is to select the one you prefer. It can also be used for browsing free on other networks(not just MTN) and other countries as well.

For example those in Ghana can select the MTN Ghana free browsing cheat and those with a 9mobile SIM can choose the 9mobile N700 for 2GB if they have the plan active on their SIM card.

You can also utilize 24clan Pro as a normal VPN app without cheat by leaving the button under the server at none. Changing this option to custom will allow you to set up you own custom free browsing cheat if you have the settings.
You may also like to create you own config file for 24clan VPN and thereafter import it directly into the app.That is all we have for you on how to use free browsing cheat on 24clan VPN for any network. Don’t forget to read about the new app i.e the green edition (link at the top)

Please do use the comment box if you have any questions or anything to tell us.
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