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5 Memorization Techniques for Students

What this mean.
Students memorization methodologies is the state of consciousness to recall what happened when you studied it. If you don't remember something (i.e. a question reply), the opposite of this technique is when you should know more about those 5 student storage methods.
1. Sit back: The very first tactic you need to use to recall it all you studied during the examination is to loosen up your mind and body, so that you can respire normally, so you get to the whole mind to pick up what you want with the least effort.
b. Use the same gadgets: most students get new gadgets (pens, rulers, protractors... Etc.) to solve exams with. Using the same gadgets you were using during your study time-even if your gadgets were old-can help you feel comfortable and relaxed so that you can remember better, also prepare yourself better by getting extra gadgets with you.
c. Imagine the worst case scenario: in this place the worst case is that you don't remember anything to solve a certain question. You should prepare to have other plans to solve your exam, like leaving a space for this question and return to it when you finish solving the rest of the exam. By preparing different options you are ready to memorize in the worst case scenario.
2. Link what you study with images: linking what you study with real images can help both your brain's sides function which can help you to memorize and retrieve what you want in a better way.
3. Link what you don't like with what you like: a rule of thumb when you are studying a part that you don't like is to link it with a thing you love so that you mix bitter with honey, the same way doctors produce medicine, to memorize what you don't like using a better way.
4. Use colors: colors link what you study with it, but you must have a meaning for each color like linking the green color with grass and anything related to gardens or linking yellow color with the sun and anything related to space. By doing this, you can memorize what you studied better.
5. Study from different sources: all subjects have different sources that you can increase your knowledge from. When you study from them, like knowing more about a subject from Wikipedia, or reading a reference at your library, you can memorize what you studied better.
Bonus tip:
By studying from one source while feeling bored of this source, like studying from the school book only, can make you feel bored and will decrease your concentration to what you are studying. By studying each hour a different subject, you will feel bored less which will help you memorize better.

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